Hisham's Sumac tattoo

Tattoo Description
A sumac plant with a bowl of spices, a detailed view of the bud and berries, and geometric lines connecting it all.
Story behind the tattoo (for your creative mind)
Sumac spices is commonly used in Lebanese cuisine (My country of origin). The plant happens to grow almost everywhere in Canada, is very resilient, beautiful, and the bud stays up even when the leaves fall through the early stages of the winter providing warmth for insects, and food for birds. I am in love with the plant itself, and really want to portrait it in a creative way on my body.
There are three major components for the tattoo:
The Staghorn Sumac, also named Rhus Typhina plant, which can be seen in Image 1 and 2. It’s important to note that there are multiple varieties of Sumac, i’m looking for the Staghorn Sumac.
The Sumac Bud (berries), which can be seen in image 1 and 2.
A bowl of spices, which can be seen in Image 2 and 3.
The idea is to have the pant be the major element of the Tattoo, which includes multiples buds, the leaves, and the branches. Under the plant, to the right, we would have the bowl of spices. And maybe on top left of the plant, a detailed view of the bud with the berries. (See image 5 and 6 for suggestions)
I’m imagining some geometric and line work that connect it all together (Images 7 and 8)

Position on the body and size
Since there is a lot of details in the tattoo, i’m thinking either of these three locations:
Thigh - Center front
Biceps (if we can fit it all together)
Size would be 6 to 8’’ long.
Alllthough I am presenting a detailed description of what i would like, I am really looking to tap into your creative mind as an artist! This tattoo means a lot to me from an emotional point of you, and I would love to hear more thoughts and ideas from you on how we can make it come alive!

Image 2: Staghorn Sumac
Image 3 - Bowl of spices
Image 4 - Bowl of spices version 2
Image 5 - Detailed mechanical view
Image 6 - Detailed view
Image 7 - Geometric Tattoo by Mr Koo in Toronto
Image 8 - Geometric Tattoo by Mr Koo in Toronto
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