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Simple story tracking

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Guide to using this doc

A relatively light weight way to track projects and tasks
I am the engineering manager for the core product engineering team at Coda and part of my job is to stay connected to the various efforts that the team is working on at any given point. This doc walks through a light weight process that teams in my organization use to plan out their work, as well as sharing the key details with leadership.
There are three main parts to this doc.
- A place to keep track of the efforts at the week level. Used to reflect on progress made last week, and plan the upcoming week.
- A place to track tasks for the various efforts. Used on Monday to identify what the team will work on in the coming week, and could also be used during weekly stand-ups
, , and other story specific task pages - A place used by the teams on a daily basis to stay on top of tasks planned for the week.

Here is a quick loom recording of me walking through how the teams use this doc to run their efforts
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