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What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is WordPress’s new visual editor that builds the site pages.
As of now, Gutenberg is the default means to building websites through the WordPress platform and is slowly becoming industry standard.
With this, the website owner has more ability to build section, as well as visually seeing what will be reflected on the front end to the site visitor.

What is “Gutenplate”?

Gutenplate is our proprietary custom boilerplate theme + plugin combo that extends Gutenberg's native functionality.
This allow us to build the custom blocks and patterns used for your sites


Makes the content creation and management more intuitive through a visual display.
Gain the ability to see your content and how it will be displayed on the front-end before publication.
Content managers can customize their content on the fly using options on the element on the page being built, rather than going into a separate settings page.
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