Meeting Cost Calculator: Are Your Meetings Expensive?

A calculator to estimate meeting costs.
While meetings are a valuable form of team communication, I think we can all agree that inefficient meetings are a waste of time. Think about how many weekly meetings you have to attend and factor in the number of people at the table, as well as their hourly rate.
Things can really add up quickly if left unchecked. A great way to visualise the value of your team's time is to calculate the cost of your meetings.
What is the cost of a meeting?
Meeting cost is the calculation of all resources required to plan and run a meeting. The inputs are simple: total meeting duration and the average annual salary of all meeting attendees.
Knowing the estimated cost of meetings helps teams understand the dollar cost of their time and incentivise the team to make this process more efficient. You can calculate the cost of your meetings on a per meeting basis or even extrapolate to different time periods: total cost of meetings per week or the annual cost of meetings.
We've built this meeting cost calculator to help you and your team do this instantly.
How to calculate meeting costs with a meeting cost calculator
This meeting cost calculator requires 3 inputs to work:
Number of people in the meeting
Total meeting time
​The average annual salary of everyone attending
✍️ Fill in your meeting details to get your results.

1. How many people are in your meeting?
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2. How long did that meeting take you?
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3. What's the average yearly salary of people in your team?
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💰 Your total meeting cost
That meeting cost you $
, because it took a total of
hours for your whole team.
Meeting Cost Calculator FAQs
Do meetings really cost money?
In absolute terms, meetings don't cost anything. However, time is money and how your team spends their time directly translates to a cost. Inefficient time allocation is the reason why meetings are considered a business overhead.
How to reduce your average meeting cost?
Reducing meeting cost comes down to boosting meeting efficiency. You can easily do this by requiring a meeting agenda, shortening recurring team meetings, and reducing the number of meetings by encouraging asynchronous communications.
How to run more efficient meetings?
Improving meeting efficiency requires building a repeatable process that your team can easily use. We are very passionate about efficiency here at Coda. Check out these free to help you run more efficient meetings.
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