Launching a simple product website on Coda

Ways to quickly ship up a website for your product and gather feedback, bugs and requests.

When you’re starting out, you need a way to quickly gather feedback
Gathering feedback and keeping it organized can be difficult
Even for early beta testers, you want to start testing your value proposition and language
Giving people a way to provide feedback AND have the right context can help reduce noise
Creating a website can feel overwhelming, specially when there are other things to worry about
Create a quick landing page that allows your early customers to provide feedback
This allows them to have context through your landing page, F.A.Qs - plus see the current feedback

How to ship a website & gather feedback

A. Two Docs - One for feedback, one as a landing page.

1 doc that captures feedback and bugs, published in Edit mode
Pros: Allows people to upvote requests
1 doc that serves as a landing page, published in View mode
B. One doc - Gather feedback in your editable landing page.

1 doc in Edit mode that allows people to enter feedback and bugs
People can only edit the information in tables
However, best used for trusted groups
Great for small trusted beta groups.
C. One doc with a form - Gather feedback via a form, in a “view only” doc.
1 doc in view mode that links to a form where you can submit feedback
You can then see the feedback back in the table, but you can’t upvote it
This is recommended to keep things simple and streamlined since all the information is in one doc.

Custom Domains! Will make things like this even more awesome
Interested? We’d love to get your feedback!
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