Create an online meeting poll

Create a simple online meeting poll with this free template in Coda

Create your own meeting poll

Use this meeting poll template to give your meeting attendees an easy way to vote on ideas, topics, or agenda items.

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Add idea
Clear topics
Topic: What should we do today?
Read my favorite book
Which book is your favorite, and why is it the Count of Monte Cristo?
Go to the beach
Does anyone have sunscreen?
There are no rows in this table

Create a meeting poll for your team to vote

Simplify your meetings with this meeting poll template. With the click of a button, team members can add ideas to the table or vote on what they'd like! The best ideas or topics will rise to the top as people start voting on their favorite ideas.

Coda is an all-in-one doc for your team that lets you build tools like this meeting poll to help your team collaborate. You can customize this meeting poll to fit your team's needs, and add more features to the meeting poll to help your team be more productive

Create your own meeting poll

Polling meeting participants for better productivity


Customize the poll

Remote meetings can be tough

Don't waste time on ideas

Unlike other meeting poll apps with fixed polling features, you can customize this template to fit your team's needs. Want to add additional columns for notes or images? Coda tables are more flexible than spreadsheets so you can customize your heart away!
Scheduling meetings and keeping them on time and productive can be tough when the entire time is remote. To reduce the time it takes to make a decision during a meeting, an online meeting poll can simplify the process.
Does your team sometimes discuss unimportant ideas during a meeting? The most important topics should be discussed during a meeting. By having your team vote on the most important ideas, you'll only discuss the ones that are important.
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How to make your own online meeting poll in 5 steps

1️⃣ Create a
on Coda and create your own meeting poll template

2️⃣ Share the Coda doc with your teammates via e-mail

3️⃣ Ask your teammates to start adding ideas, topics, or agenda items to the poll

4️⃣ Have meeting participants vote on the ideas before, during, or after the meeting

5️⃣ Discuss the most upvoted ideas during the meeting

Keep meetings on track with a meeting poll

With an online meeting poll, you can keep the discussion during the meeting on track. This way, ideas that are not related to the topic at hand won't be discussed and derail the meeting. Since everyone has access to the Coda doc and the data is updated in real-time, all your meeting attendees can see the most upvoted topics and ideas at any point in time.

Keep a record of previous meeting polls

Since you can store data in a Coda doc, you can see previous meeting polls and see which ideas were upvoted the most in the past. Get a sense of who is contributing the most ideas and who is upvoting the most during
. Tables in Coda can be filtered, sorted, and grouped so you can view and share results of your meeting polls in any way you want.

Add in charts to make your polls even more interactive. See the charts change in real-time as people upvote or add ideas to your meeting poll.

Keep your people first with a meeting poll

In this Coda template, you'll see an image of the person who created an idea. You can also customize the template and have the poll show the images of all the people who upvoted an idea. This puts your teammates first during a meeting and literally lets you put a face to a name during a meeting

As your teammates move around the Coda doc or start typing in their ideas, you'll see their names show up in real-time in the doc. These small interactions keep your team engaged during a long meeting when there are many topics to discuss.

Create your own meeting poll

What others say about Coda

This simple topic voting template has changed the way we work. We set it up so people can ‘hand raise; topics and clap’ (as many times as possible) for kudos!
Dylan Field, CEO at Figma

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