The Hip Hop Challenge

Have your say in the greatest Hip Hop songs of all time!
tldr: check out the
- feeling underwhelmed? then go to the
to add your own songs, vote on those tracks, and put your taste to the test!

In 2019 the BBC released a
- carefully complied by some of the most renowned critics in the field.

I've copied a table of those songs - as they were ranked by the BBC - for you to review in the next

And don't get me wrong - it's a good list, but I just didn't think my top 25 Hip Hop tracks would be the same - and I didn't even necessarily think the 25 tunes they'd chosen were in the right order.

So I wanted to put that list to the test - and open it up to the great Hip Hop loving public! I want to know what you would add to the list, and how you would all vote on those entries!

So have a little listen to the BBC's list directly
, to get yourself in the mood - and then

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