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Harry Ropers Toolkit

A collection of all the current tools I currently use to run my business and personal life. Includes links to docs that I have published in the past as well as software.
When I get spare time I’ll try to add more detail to this toolkit as well as additional pages!
I don’t intend to charge for this tool kit but if you got some value from it or my videos then feel free to buy me a coffee to show your support:
—— Harry x


I would recommend reading this book to learn more about how to remove yourself from constantly communicating on slack and email.
From the founders of basecamp. How to run a company efficiently without losing your mind.
How to focus on one thing and one thing only to see hyper growth within your industry.


We use for all document writing and internal systems. It’s the powerhouse behind most of our tools and allows us to build out features that we need without relying on a corporate company deciding they want to build said feature.
Sign up here and we both get $10:


Linkedin is amazing for building your professional network. We also use it to market a lot of our content and build connections with potential clients. Check out vlog episodes 17 - 22 for really good tips on how to optimise your profile for success.
For YouTube statistics and idea generation. Has a really good inbuilt SEO tool to test out titles and descriptions.


We use our own internal CRM which I have shared in this video.
You can copy the document here:

Project planning

We use whimsical for all of our flow charts, site plans and strategy planning with our clients.


For designing websites as well as our content.
For placeholder images and social content.
To remove backgrounds from images. They also have a great figma plugin!


For all website related development
Timothy ricks wizardry technique to allow for EM based scaling. Making sure a website is responsive at all levels.

Internal comms

We don’t like to use instant messaging much at Imaginary Space. Instead we rely on our task manager to communicate. If we need something to be discussed over a call we book this time out and hop into our discord server for a quick voice chat.

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