FalconX Edge - Direct Market Access

Samir Ghosh

What is FalconX Edge?

FalconX Edge is our Direct Market Access brokerage offering.

For both institutional asset managers trading millions + designated market makers trading billions, FalconX Edge enables more cost effective and capital efficient way to trade than trading directly on exchanges.

1| Cost-Effective
2| Capital-Efficient
3| Turnkey

1| Cost Effective

For institutional asset managers: Edge pays rebates on exchange fees.

Edge pays exchange fee rebates to users on trading volume, enabling you to reduce exchange fees and achieve improved execution. See current exchange rebates

For designated market makers: Edge provides better DMM incentives.

Edge offers the same DMM programs and requirements as leading exchanges. We may be able to offer better incentives on top of those provided by the exchange. Speak to our team to learn more.

Capital Efficient

Up to 5X leverage and cross-venue portfolio margin.
Edge scales strategies with leverage and increases capital efficiency through risk-netting.

Edge provides clients with the ability to utilize credit from FalconX for exchange trading. These facilities provide leverage and mitigate exchange risk. We are also building systems to enable clients to net risk across venues and positions.


Zero integration work required.
If you have already integrated with a major exchange, FalconX Edge requires no integration work. Our API accepts all supported exchanges' API calls. Replace your API keys with ones that we issue and you immediately start getting paid for order flow and utilize credit from FalconX.

Who is it for?

Institutional asset managers actively trading on spot markets. In the future, we plan to expand into supporting derivatives trading as well for clients in approved and compliant jurisdictions.

Whether you are trading $10M notional or $1BN as a designated market maker, FalconX Edge cuts costs and scales capital efficiency.

What are the rebates offered?

FalconX offers rebates on exchange fees, making it cheaper 100% of the time to execute via Edge.

We are live on Binance and adding new exchanges every two weeks. Upcoming exchanges include: Huobi, Bitstamp, Bitfinex, OKEX, + FTX. Let us know if you would like a specific exchange added to this roadmap.

Are a Designated Market Maker on any of the above exchanges?
FalconX Edge is currently offering special incentives to work with DMMs. Contact us to learn more.

How do I get started?

Funded Accounts: If you already have a FalconX account, no additional work is required to start trading. You can start immediately.

Please inform our team you would like get started
We will generate and share API keys
Start trading!

Margin Accounts: If you would like a line of credit, please inform a team member who will connect you with the credit desk for risk-approval.

Please inform our team you would like get started
We request documentation for risk-approval
Start borrowing!

I have the API keys, now what?

No integration work required. No separate documentation.

If you want to perform any action, we accept and proxy all the REST calls you'd normally send to the exchange, so there are no additional/separate docs! All you have to do is replace the base URL with ours; for example, is the base url and rest of the path remains the same as the exchange you are targeting.

Eg. Without Edge: | With Edge:

# Sample code for a withdrawal

# make a simple http request to falconx edge service

# Binance client:
# Install: pip install python-binance

from binance.client import Client

def test_binance_urls(client):
# response = client.get_server_time()

# order = client.create_test_order(
# symbol='BNBBTC',
# side=Client.SIDE_BUY,
# type=Client.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET,
# quantity=100)
# print(order)

response = client.get_account()
balances = []
for balance in response['balances']:
if balance['asset'] in ('BTC', 'ETH', 'BUSD', 'USDT'):

# test withdrawal
# withdraw_response = client.withdraw(
# asset='ETH',
# address='<address>',
# amount=0.016
# )
# print(withdraw_response)

# response = client.create_order(symbol='ETHUSDT',
# side=Client.SIDE_BUY,
# quantity=0.01,
# type=Client.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET,
# newClientOrderId='local-test-cl-ord-id-4')
# print(response)

# response = client.create_order(symbol='ETHUSDT',
# side=Client.SIDE_SELL,
# quantity=0.0099,
# type=Client.ORDER_TYPE_MARKET,
# newClientOrderId='local-test-cl-ord-id-2')
# print(response)

if __name__ == '__main__':
api_key = '<api_key>'
api_secret = '<api_secret>'
client = Client(api_key, api_secret)

client.API_URL = f''
client.WITHDRAW_API_URL = f''
client.MARGIN_API_URL = f''


Reach out with any Qs!

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