Best Distressed Real Estate Services in Northwest Indiana

Distressed Real Estate Services for banks & lenders, people who buy tax liens, and other owners of foreclosed real estate, Harbor & Lake Real Estate offer a distinctive combination of services. Our team has the property management, , and construction & disposition knowledge required to handle these special situations all under one roof, whether it's an REO service, foreclosed property, or property obtained via tax deed.
Our Distressed Real Estate Services:
Occupancy and Exterior/Interior Inspections - A property inspection is the first step in any troubling situation, and Harbor & Lake Real Estate can handle a variety of inspections for their clients to ascertain the current condition of a home. These inspections may include an internal or outdoor examination as well as an occupancy check. Any damage or inadequacies will be reported, and we'll give owners both written and visual proof.
Property Preservation and Maintenance - Harbor & Lake Real Estate may take care of any required property preservation and/or maintenance, including locking up the building and getting rid of the trash, winterizing, cleaning the gutters, maintaining the HVAC system, fixing leaks, and doing any other urgent repairs. Our team can also provide a full evaluation of the state of the property, assist in organizing estimates, and handle any construction work required to prepare a property for leasing or sale.
Northwest Indiana Property Management and Leasing Agent - For both unoccupied and occupied properties, Harbor & Lake provides temporary and ongoing property management services. Our team can collect rent, organize maintenance, and use a marketing strategy to lease any unoccupied units and stabilize the tenant rent roll because we are specialists in the business of property management and work with properties all across Northwest Indiana.
Real Estate Disposition - Harbor & Lake Real Estate is a certified real estate broker with connections to regional investors and affiliations in all the Realtor boards in Northwest Indiana who can handle both individual and mass transactions.
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