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USC Professional and Career Organizations List

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Have you ever felt absolutely lost when deciding which organization to join in college? Unsure of how to choose a single club out of 1000+ clubs?
If so, you’re not alone.
This was an issue that I struggled with when I first got to USC. With 1016 organizations that currently exist, it was extremely overwhelming to begin searching for the right club for me.
Additionally, USC doesn’t make it easy for students to for the right club for them. There are 2 overarching filters (”Branches” and “Categories”), with even more confusing sub-categories, and these don’t allow for much specificity. Thus, students end up having to open every single organization’s links to find the right club for them.

This doc aims to help students filter through the list of organizations much more effectively.

As a preliminary version, this doc is focused mainly on Professional and Career Organizations. By providing many more tags for students to use, they will then be able to sort through the noise and pinpoint exactly which organizations they want to join (out of the 229 available in this doc). They can save huge amounts of time, which can instead be invested into applying for the organizations that they have in mind.

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About the Author:

This is the first Coda doc published by , a current Growth Fellow @ He’s a rising junior at the University of Southern California, with a major in Business Administration and a minor in Applied Analytics.
He hopes that this doc can be scaled to all organizations within USC eventually, and subsequently even to other colleges both nationally and internationally.
Feel free to reach out with any feedback — or just for a quick chat — at !

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