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Hannah Campbell
Hannah Campbell

Reviews from colleagues

I work with some talented and generous folks and they’ve said really nice things about me.

After leading a kick-off meeting for a product feature:
JS: wow going to be honest
JS: that felt like one of the better kickoff/exploratory meetings we’ve had

MM: Yeah I agree!
A last-minute change in plans left me responsible for leading HLT’s monthly All-Hands meeting. The entire company participating in a meeting is an expensive hour, so I kept to a strict timeframe while reviewing quarterly goals and celebrating wins.
I just wanted to say that I thought @hannah did a fantastic job at coordinating the All Hands meeting today! Kept things moving along, great intros for each speaker. Well done!
– MH, Director of Development
I would like to bring back our “jarofawesome chain.” I’m going to kick it off by giving some much deserved props to @hannah. She not only continues to do an amazing job leading the creative team but she also did a great job today putting together a very engaging and informative all hands meeting on short notice. You rock @hannah!
– AK, Co-Founder
I couldn’t agree more! @hannah is like sunshine! I hung up with a huge smile on my face.
– SH, Customer Success Representative
A conversation between two developers, BM and JW. This was written in a private channel during a company-wide presentation about our vision and later shared with me.
JW: Okay, Hannah is AWESOME.
BM: she thinks bigger picture always
JW: She is a visionary. I like the way she thinks.
BM: yeah she is
BM: i could see her as a CEO of her own thing
JW: For sure
Note: I do not want to be a CEO! My place is in the creation and design of a product. These words – by two people I admire – illustrate how I lead through my role in design.
In August 2020, eastern Iowa was hit with a devastating storm called a derecho — described as a “land hurricane.” I was only slightly affected by the event and did what I could to help clean up debris in .
I saw that photo of you helping in what I presume is Cedar Rapids, and I wanted to thank you for being a good person. I’m happy you’re my boss. 🙌
– DE, writer

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