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Hannah Campbell
Hannah Campbell

More about Hannah

I love to create. It started when I was a kid – from LEGO constructions to cross-stitch patterns to writing stories about my hamster. And that desire made its way straight into a career focused on solving human and business problems through creative, compelling, and inspired design.
My focus on design has me most curious to solve problems in education, communication, and marketing. I'm also interested in user experience, instructional design, design thinking, and photography.
Outside of work, you would be right to expect that I have several personal works in progress — knit and crochet garments, quilts made from my Grandma’s vintage fabrics, and likely a couple rolls of film waiting to be developed.
Hey, look! It’s me peeking around my computer.

What I’m looking for:
⭐ Creating beautiful, inspired work that makes an impact on the consumer and company
⭐ A collaborative team dedicated to doing their best work
⭐ A culture of continuous learning and deep thinking
⭐ A “No Assholes” policy
Not interested in:
👎 A culture of “low effort” and copy/paste
👎 Values posted on the wall but not visible in actions
👎 Buzzwords, clichés, and acronyms (see: The Office, season 3 episode 21)
👎 Free drinks and snacks, company awards (Ok, free food and drink are great but I'm motivated by the opportunity to do great work)
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Journey Highlights
How-to-Draw books, needlecrafts with Grandma, lots of LEGO, my first camera.
I spend hours drawing in the paint program on our family's first home computer.
Late 1990s
Desktop publishing as an independent study course in high school. Instructor hands me a Rolling Stone and tells me to copy a spread. I perfection.
Art foundations, publication design, and plenty of general education courses.
Photography and design classes, leadership positions with the college newspaper, a travel course to Europe.
Jan. 2004
Internship with Sioux City Art Center.
Feb. 2004
Senior exhibit featuring large-scale photos of LEGO creations.
May 2004
Internship with Storm Lake Chamber of Commerce.
Sept. 2004-Nov. 2008
Utility player at The Storm Lake Times – page and ad design, website management, and photographing Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, among others.
Nov. 2008-June 2016
Communication flows, campaigns, photography, and brand management at Buena Vista University.
July 2016-present
Product design, prototyping, UX and UI, user discovery, marketing projects and brand development at Higher Learning Technologies. The executive team nominates me – and I’m named a finalist – for TAI’s 2020 Prometheus Awards: Emerging Technology Leader of the Year.
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My top 6 tracks
That Don't Impress Me Much - triple j Like A Version
Paul Simon
Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes
Rose Cousins
The Swimmer (To Be an Old Man)
The Monkees
Me & Magdalena
Freedom Fry
Clint Eastwood
Rose CousinsBear's DenChristof van der Ven
I Would Die 4 U

2020-10-29 15-59-35 its-my-mug-on-facecamp.gif
My pal, Marty, keeps me on top of things. 😸

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