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Navigating Coda

Coda hierarchy in 5 layers 🖐️

Workspace → Folders → Docs → Pages → Subpages


A workspace in Coda is where all collaborators live and where have you quick access to templates, integrations, and more. Every workspace has an admin who can help you navigate your workspace’s set up.
Each workspace contains folders that contains docs that contains pages and sub-pages. Docs are what you will use most frequently.
Navigate to your workspace by going to


We use folders to keep docs organized in the workspace (think departments, teams, and projects).
Folders you've joined will appear on the left side of your workspace

📔 My docs folder 📔

Private, by default, unless explicitly shared.
Best for: Personal docs that are sensitive, like for career development or 1:1 purposes. Or, in-progress docs that will be eventually moved into a shared or private folder.

🔒 Private folder 🔒

Denoted with a lock icon. Accessible, editable, & searchable, by default, to only members of that private folder.
Best for: Collaborative docs that are sensitive, in-progress, or intended for small, focused teams.

🤝 Shared folder 🤝

Accessible, editable, & searchable to all members of the workspace.
Best for: Global resources, or docs that should be easily referenced by anyone in the workspace.

Doc ✨

A doc typically houses a team’s use case. This is the core building space in Coda and contains all content related to the project or team.
Your docs are where the true work gets done with all of your tables, text, and app-like solutions. Folders contain docs within the workspace. Keep in mind that you can build organization inside each doc with as well.

Pages & Subpages

A page is a page within a doc. This is how you can start to organize information all in one spot / one doc.
Subpages are nested under a page and often represent further data segmentation, based on user, persona, or team.

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.