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Automate Multiple Google Calendar Invites With the Push of a Button

Automate Google Calendar Invites with the Push of a Button

Quit manually creating dozens of calendar invites. Instead, automate calendar event creation with the push of a button.

Managing multiple calendar events can sometimes get tricky. Besides being a time suck, managing your calendar can even trigger a sense of angst. We’re all familiar with that slight feeling of dread before clicking “Send invite” on an important calendar event. Did I include the right people? What if I accidentally scheduled for the wrong time and I have to reschedule it...everyone will see my mistake!

Sound familiar?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate some of this work and to both save time and maintain your peace of mind?

Noam Benamy in a thread in Capiche. Noam was looking for a tool that would allow the creation of two identical calendar events (same time, description, place, etc.), but with two sets of attendees. For privacy reasons, he wanted to keep the contact info of one set of attendees hidden from the other set before the meeting.

On top of that, Noam asked for a tool that would do four things:
Add the email addresses for the attendees on each side
Input all of the information that would be identical for the 2 sides
Mark off anything that would be different on the invites and attribute it to the correct party's "invite"
Hit 1 send and have the 2 calendar invites sent simultaneously.

Check out the .

This doc is a tool to do just that. It allows you to quickly fill in event information like you would in a spreadsheet. Then, with the push of one button, send out multiple calendar events simultaneously.

You start by quickly adding information for each event (attendees, description, location, Zoom link, etc.) in a table. Using Coda’s , you then click a button to add one or multiple events to your Google Calendar.

Per Noam’s requirements, you’ll notice that all the details for the two events in my are identical, except for the attendees. However, your workflow might be different. Maybe you need to create thirty 1:1 events, each with a different coworker. Or perhaps you want to quickly copy and paste details from one event to another. The beauty of this tool is that you can customize it to work for you (and not the other way around)!

The best part? You can copy this doc and use it yourself 👇

Copy doc

Noam, hopefully this help you and everyone else who wants to automate event creation in Google Calendar. I’d love to know your thoughts and hear how you customize this doc to your own workflow!

👉 Ready to automate your calendar event creation? Head to

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