What's the Best Time to Visit Hà Giang?

Have you always dreamed of conquering the majestic mountains and the dreamy road of the Northern mountains? So what are you waiting for without bringing this Ha Giang travel experience of and hitting the road right away!

What season is beautiful in Ha Giang?

Being a mountainous province, the climate in Ha Giang is noticeably cold compared to the lowland and adjacent midlands. The average annual temperature is about 21-23 degrees Celsius. The highlight of the climate is high humidity throughout the year, abundant and prolonged rain.
You can travel to Ha Giang in any season of the year. People often come to Ha Giang in the autumn when the rice is ripe. The most beautiful time is October, November and December, when buckwheat flowers or cabbage fields bloom. In spring, apricot flowers and plum blossoms bloom in the forest, making you feel like you're floating in the clouds.
In May, the fields sparkle in the pouring water season. In June and July, many people miss Ha Giang because of the sudden summer rains. But also thanks to this humidity, the mountains here put on a green color that captivates people.

Change Location

Getting to Ha Giang from the northern provinces is very easy because there are many direct bus companies. In contrast to those who are far away in the South or Central region, it is advisable to start the journey from .
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