Unmissable Top Caves in Ha Giang

As you traverse the breathtaking landscapes of Ha Giang, let be your trusted guide, curating an itinerary that showcases the finest caves this region has to offer. The sheer diversity of these geological marvels is astonishing, and whether you're an intrepid adventurer seeking adrenaline-pumping spelunking experiences or a curious soul eager to unravel the geological narratives etched within the cave walls, there's a cave awaiting your exploration.

Hang Phuong Thien

Located 7 km south of Ha Giang city, Phuong Thien cave is one of the interesting destinations for those who love to explore and are passionate about adventure because of its pristine nature and almost no human impact. .
Called Phuong Thien Cave, but this place is a cave complex, including Bat cave, Lang Co cave, Phuong Thien cave. Unlike the caves above, Phuong Thien cave gives you a feeling of lightness, with a small stream winding inside and fresh, fresh air. It is the inherently green picture of the Northwest mountains and forests, characterized by the majestic cat ears and rocky mountains that are unique nowhere else. Going deep into the cave, visitors will be attracted by the mysterious beauty, the space of the adventures that begin here. With a beautiful spiral shape with layers of stalactites, stalagmites with many different shapes. This place seems to create a quiet space, but full of attraction.

Hang Tung Ba

It can be said that Tung Ba Cave is the most poetic and lyrical cave among the caves in Ha Giang. Not only beautiful and charming, but this cave also stands out among the beauty of Ha Giang with the liberal personality of a girl in the mountains. With a length of about 890 m, inside Tung Ba cave, there are two underground water sources flowing to form 2 winding streams in front of the cave, creating a charming and beautiful beauty.

En Cave

En cave is still untouched, so it is very beautiful. Many tourists can't help but be shocked and surprised to see it directly. To get to the , home to thousands of small swallows, you have to go through many dense and dangerous roads. But be patient, because the rewards you receive will be extremely valuable experiences.
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