3 Unique Must-Visit Markets in Ha Giang

When people think of Ha Giang, they don't just think of majestic rocky plateaus and treacherous mountain passes. They also envision the distinctive cultural activities of the ethnic minorities who call this place home. Among these are the highland markets, each with its own unique traits. Right now, invites you to discover the top 3 highland markets in Ha Giang that you absolutely must visit on your journey to conquer these 'stone plateaus.

Quan Ba ​​market

Quan Ba ​​district fair is also one of the most crowded markets in Ha Giang that is loved by tourists. The market only meets once every Saturday morning. Although the market here is quite simple, each stall is just wooden shacks built from bamboo, roofed with palm leaves. There are not too many goods as below, but the atmosphere of the market is very bustling and crowded. From early in the morning, along every road to the market, you will immediately encounter the families of the Mong, Dao, and Tay people with colorful traditional costumes flocking to the market. The market space is crowded with sellers and buyers. The most eye-catching displays are the stalls of pants, shirts, skirts, brocade scarves, etc.

Yen Minh Du Gia Market

Du Gia is a highland commune in Yen Minh district, about 70 km from Ha Giang city center. Coming to Du Gia, besides enjoying the wild and rustic painting; Conquering adventurous passes, visitors can also experience the very special Du Gia market. The schedule of Du Gia Ha Giang fair is every Friday. This is a place to buy, sell and exchange goods of the villagers in Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac districts.

Meo Vac Market Ha Giang

Referring to the Ha Giang fair, people often think of the Meo Vac market first because this is the largest market in the far north of the country. Unlike other markets that meet every day, only meets once a week on Sundays.
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