Illuvium Questions

So before we dive into Illuvium, you know, could we dig a little deeper into your background. Gabby’s interested in your experience on the Burger Collective. Could you tell us about that, and how that’s affecting your experience now with making a game?

So with Illuvium, it’s mentioned that you crashland in this alien environment. How big is this environment talking about? And what would a player experience in Illuvium? Do you explore and battle? Can you team up with friends?

As there are a variety of blockchain games, like Axie, what do you think sets Illuvium apart?

And as Yield Guild is a play-to-earn guild, you know, are there any opportunities for play-to-earn?

Could you tell us more about the Council? It’s due this Friday, and you know, would any of us YGG guild members would be a good fit?
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