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Rolling Adz Branding + Marketing Plan

1) Character - Companies,
What Do They Want?
Marketing Exposure, Brand Awareness, Marketing Results.

2) Has A Problem
Villain: The saturated noisy advertising market.
External: The need to create results for X.
Internal: Ineffective campaigns.
Philosophical: Every marketing dollar spent should yield results and the process should be seamless. Why compromise?

3) Has A Guide: Rolling Adz
Notes: Empathy, Authority
Empathy: Commonality - Our team members have been on your side before, most of our team members were media buyers, or marketers before joining the Rolling Adz team. We understand how frustrating it can be to ___
Authority: Testimonial's From Clients, Key Statistics, Awards, Fortune 500 Companies Logos.

4) Who Gives Them A Plan:
Name: Road2Success Plan , R2S

Book A Demo
Our Team Will Create a Winning Marketing Strategy
Launch Your Vehicles, Witness Results.

Agreement Plan:
Drive and Thrive: 4 Point Guarantee

Maximum Exposure Pledge:
If our vehicles don't roll, your brand won't pay. We ensure your ad hits the road with guaranteed Impressions, Or Your Money Back.

2. Design Excellence Promise:
We will work with you until you're 100% satisfied with the design. Your brand deserves the best.
3.Trackable Results
Our tracking and reporting technology will always be up-to-date, providing you with real-time data on your ad's performance.
4. Exclusive Territory Vow:
We guarantee exclusive ad space for your brand in your chosen city or territory, ensuring you stand out from the crowd.

5) Call Them To Action:
Notes: Make Actions Clear - Add a Schedule an Appointment Button , Don’t Sell Passively. Believe In The Product
Direct Calls, Transitional Calls: Inviting People To Watch Videos, PDF’s, Video Series, Position As The Expert

The More Generous A Brand Gives Out: The More Reciprocity They Create. Give More Freely To The Customers.
Position Yourself As The Guide
Even For Free

Transitional Calls to Action Ideas: 6 Ways
Educational Videos,
Self Assessments PDF, Customer is ___, then loop into email automation based on response
Testimonial Videos - The Experience
Sample Product (Create Proofs/Marketing)

6) Help Them Avoid Failure
Note: What will the customer loose
List of what we’re helping our customer’s avoid
Not getting impressions with their campaign
Crazy complicated process
Being passed by the competition

Know they are vulnerable to a threat:
They should take action to avoid:
Let them know a specific call to action protects them:
Challenge People To Take Action:

7) End In Success:
Notes: Never assume people understand how Rolling Adz can change their lives.
People want to be taken somewhere
Emphasis where client’s will be once they take action
Before Rolling Adz
After Rolling Adz
What Do They Have
Marketing Struggles
Results, Impressions, Marketing Material
What Are They Feeling
What’s An Average Day Like?
Ton’s of work, ton’s of research
Extremely easy and hassle free
What Is Their Status
There are no rows in this table
How To Create Status
Scarcity - Eliminate Competitor’s Access To Compete Per City
How To Create Union
Reduced Workload - White Glove Service That Rolling Ad’z provides
Status X Union

Aspirational Identity?
From: Boring Marketer
To: Marketing Innovator

Questions To Consider:
Who Does The Customer Want To Become?
What Kind Of person Do They Want To Be?
Consider how they want their friends to perceive them.
Once we know, use this for email, blog post, and all marketing material

Obsess OVER THE CUSTOMER’S Transformation.
Let the hero(customer know) they’ve done great.

Website : Equivalent of an Elevator Pitch
TITLE: Disrupt The Marketing Game With Our Mobile Billboards.
Client needs to know what in it for them.
Material Must Meet The Following
Aspirational Identity
Solve A Problem
Button: Schedule An Appointment
Bright Button

Images of Success
Show People Happy, Show Product In Use

What We Do
Bullet Points, Not Paragraphs

Company Culture
Story To Keep Everyone Aligned.
Without a unifying narrative center, there is nothing to inspire the new hire to keep going.
Buzz About How Cool The Company Is.
Need To Tell A Great Story
Dominating Market’s With Our Ad Disrupting Vehicles
When there’s no story, there’s no engagement

In a crowded marketing landscape, where companies struggle for visibility, Rolling Adz disrupts markets with mobile billboards and digital retargeting, ensuring they're seen and remembered.
The Character: Companies/Markerters
The Problem: Rising Above The Noise/Visibility
The Plan: Mobile Vehicles With Ads, and Retarget Those Who See The Ads
The Success: They’re Seen and Remembered

We help companies stand out in a crowded marketing landscape using mobile billboards and digital retargeting, ensuring they're not just seen but remembered.

Lead Generation: Video Series, PDF’s, Webinar, Live Event’s
Email Drip: Based On Problems X Faces
Talk About The Transformation Of The Hero!
Create A Referral System

Rolling Adz: The Journey To Disrupting Advertising.
In 2008, Our founder, Jonathan WolfeBarron, witnessed his friends in marketing struggling with fierce competition after college. Traditional advertising methods just weren't making the cut; consumers were tuning them out.
Drawing up ideas, Jonathon grabbed inspiration from his family's trucking business, Jonathan had a groundbreaking idea: Why not use vehicles to deliver impactful ads directly to people?

And From that moment in 08, Rolling Adz was born. Helping more than 2,000+ companies across the nation, Rolling Adz operate a fleet of over 15,000 vehicles nationwide, including trucks, cars, and LED trucks, taking ads to a whole new level.
The mission? To be the ultimate platform transforming advertisers into market conquerors. With Rolling Adz, you don't just break through the clutter—you dominate your market.

Rolling Adz is on a mission to transforming marketers into industry experts. to be the #1 advertising platform in the U.S. , We aim to not only make brands visible; we make it unforgettable, delivering your message directly to your audience for guaranteed results.
advertisers and marketers a platform that allows them to dominate their markets. Leveraging our unique mobile and retargeting solutions, we help your brand not just break through the noise but seize control of your market.
The Challenge: Companies are struggling to get their message heard due to advertising clutter, traditional outlets like billboards and TV ads just aren't cutting it anymore.
The Rise: With every mile our vehicles traveled, our reputation grew. From quiet streets to the heart of bustling cities, our message was clear: Rolling Adz is here to disrupt the norm and claim the roads. Our vehicles became marketing disruptors, turning heads and sparking conversations.
The Culture: At Rolling Adz, we don't just advertise, we innovate. Pioneering the "moving out-of-home" marketing world, we transform companies from mere whispers to dominant market disruptors. This forward-thinking spirit fuels every team member, from design to deployment. Joining the Rolling Adz family isn't just about being part of the ad game—it's about reshaping its very landscape.
Why We’re Cool: Beyond our disruptive approach, our culture thrives on innovation, creativity, and a dash of rebellious spirit. Regular brainstorming sessions, friendly 'disrupt-the-norm' challenges, and our iconic Rolling Adz themed events (yes, including the famous 'Rollin' Rodeos') make us more than just a workplace. We're a movement. We're a family. We're the future of advertising.
Our Promise: We won't just roll; we'll revolutionize. And as we pave the roads with our brand, we promise every member of our team that they're not just creating ads, but crafting legacies. Because at Rolling Adz, we're not just seen – we're remembered.
The Motto: Drive. Disrupt. Dominate.
Incorporate this story into company orientations, training materials, and team-building events. Celebrate milestones by revisiting key chapters of the company's story. And always, always make sure every employee knows that they're not just a part of the company - they're a part of the story.

“The Marketing Disruptors”
Embracing the services of Rolling Adz isn’t just about gaining more exposure. It's about joining an elite group of companies that don't just follow trends but set them. These are the brands that recognize the need for evolution in a constantly changing market. They don't want to be just another brand in the mix; they aim to stand out, turn heads, and be remembered.
Traits of a Marketing Trailblazer:
Visionary Thinking: They see beyond the current market landscape and are always a step ahead.
Bold Decision-making: They're not afraid to break the norms and take calculated risks.
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