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Hello and welcome - we are happy to see you finally join the team. As you start your journey with us, this page will serve as your compass, providing you with information and guidance to ensure a good integration into our organisation.

Why do we onboard?

Onboarding is important to us, and here's why: it's like the secret sauce that makes sure you're not just starting a job but joining a crew. It's not just about figuring out where the coffee is (although that's important too), but it's about getting into the groove of what makes us tick. We want you to hit the ground running, armed with all the info and connections you need to make a valuable impact. This onboarding pack should help you do just that.

The primary areas of this handbook include

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Get ready to dive into a world of creativity, learning, and cutting-edge technology as we work together to revolutionise the educational landscape. Navigate through this onboarding in a linear-fashion, using the navigation panel on the left. Feel free to ask the team questions as they arise, or write them all down and schedule a meeting with your line-manager or relevant parties once you’re done.
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