Sustainability Council Annual Report 2021

About Us

Defining Sustainability
In 2010, the Office of Sustainability Academic Advisory Committee defined sustainability as: “the process of living within the limits of available physical, natural and social resources in ways that allow the living systems in which humans are embedded to thrive in perpetuity.”
This definition was used for the university’s Sustainability Plan 2012–16 and 2016–20.
The University of Alberta is a charter member of the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System™. STARS is a voluntary self-reporting framework developed by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. Using STARS, the Sustainability Council continues to work with university partners to recognize, gauge and accelerate the university’s progress towards sustainability.
The university has received a Gold rating in 2014, 2017 and 2020.
Thank you to our partners
Partners and Sponsors
Alberta Environment and Parks
City of Edmonton
Natural Resources Canada
Red Arrow Motorcoach
University of Alberta Students’ Union

University of Alberta Collaborators
Augustana Campus
Campus Food Bank
Campus Saint-Jean
EcoCar Team
Energy Management and Sustainable Operations
English Language School
Energy Systems
Global Education Program
Intersections of Gender
Kule Institute for Advanced Study
Precision Health
Situated Knowledges: Indigenous Peoples and Place
UAlberta North
Undergraduate Research Initiative
University of Alberta International
2020–21 Academic Leadership
Robert Summers, Academic Director
Lars Hallstrom, Associate Director (departed 2020)
Howie Harshaw, Associate Director (started 2021)
Frank Robinson, Associate Director
Sheena Wilson, Associate Director (on leave 2021)
Ken Caine, Research Steering Committee
Cindy Gaudet, Research Steering Committee
Lianne Lefsrud, Research Steering Committee
2020–21 Staff
Nada Baali, Sustainability Engagement Coordinator
Trevor Chow-Fraser, Marketing & Communications
Jasmine Farahbakhsh, Academic Sustainability Coordinator
Mara Metz, Project & Administrative Assistant (departed 2021)
Prachi Mishra, Associate Project Planner (departed 2020)
Maja Osmanagić, Program Lead, Academic Programs and Initiatives
Nathalie Walker, Office and Events Lead
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