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March 22nd

Zoom Link:
March 22
Follow Up
Follow Up 2
Check in
5 mins
Kamusta? What is feeling alive in your heart
Next Steps + Updates
30 mins
Immediate Term
Website Bio
Get Bio from Bennette + Zainab for Greenhouse Team Website
Tiny Desk
Support ask for Bennette- translate / migrate
Identify technical needs + research best equipment (for sound and for podcast set up) by end of March
We can include $1000 to purchase equipment for the CCA Grant due April 6th and I’d like to specify the specific equipment wed like to get
Research music associations and fee tables to reference how we are paying the artists (associations listed on top of document)
TAC Application to CCA Application (April 6)
TFIR & Pongal Follow up
Went to a summit where people had pins that said whether or not they wanted to be videography
Ask people about feedback & testimonial
Next Steps + Check Out
Setting up a time to create a list of assessment criteria for applicants that we will share transparently with the call out by March 23rd + you are both the selection committee
Longer Term Admin
Look over Greenhouse Website all pages on Mobile and suggest changes to adapt better cell view (Sha + Bennette)
Finalize and share project calendars
Contracts (Sha)
TFIR (Sha)
Sequence of Doings + After report
Pongal Follow Up (Sha)
Make Page
SEED Grant - Read
Create set moodboard for TInydesk
Workshop Facilitator Contract Send (Sha)
Past Event Catch Up + Archive
Make post & page for open mic
Make posts for TFIR 2021
past events on OneDrive
Upload from IG Page
Youtube Page
Longest Term
Sha by end of this week
Get Letters and CVs from: Shanika-Maria, Saroja, Shadel, Jaqs, Bennette
Parallel Portals
Make agenda for speaking with Carol-Ann and Javid
Facilitator Follow Up
Schedule Social Media

Bennette by This Week:

One question left on the Digital Solutions Incubator
Briefly describe your interest in this project and your current role at the organization (250 each) (Sha + Bennette)
If you were to engage with the challenge outlined above on your own, where do you think you might fail? Please be specific. (500)
Submit Bio for website
Share letter of collaboration as audio tech for TinyDesk
Research music associations and fee tables and identify which are best ones to reference how we are paying the artists (associations listed on top of document) by March 26th
Set up date to meet with Kristen about assessment criteria before end of next week and finalize by APril 1
Check Out
10 mins
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