Greenhouse Theatre
Meeting Notes

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Feb 22

Feb 22
Column 4
Check in
10 mins
Kamusta? What is feeling alive in your hear
Next Steps + Updates
15 mins

Monthly Invoice
Look at grant for March 20 deadline
Make IG Post for
Make IG Post for
Send TFIR Email to schedule next group meeting

Powerpoint Creation Timeline
Systematic meetings in onboarding around contracts

Sequence of Doings + After report
Follow Up with Maneesa + Tara + Ea
Finalize & send video questions

Pongal Follow Up
Make Reel
Make Page
Find name of people in Dhiviya pic
Tally of approximately how many people
Archive footage

Workshop Facilitator Contract - Send Kristen
Make assessment indicators for applicants

Past Event Catch Up + Archive
Make post & page for open mic
Make posts for TFIR 2021
past events
Youtube Page

Podcast & Performance Space - Tinydesk
Connect with Jaqs
Ask Bennette about skillset

Questions for Creative Communities Operational Grant:
What does it mean to have a viable administrative structure?
Sound financial management?
Auditor (how would this be helpful in the future?)
What does it mean to “be governed by a Board of Directors or other body responsible for the organization”? Does this need to be structured in a particular way?
Rental space viable cost? In terms of programming, what would make it worth it for there to be an operations from space?
Other notes re: grant
Apply for under 30,000
50% space of Kalaya Wellness for Greenhouse Theatre; space rental is x amount
Simmer throughout the year (Until 2024)! What kind of programming could happen physically in the space aligned with the capacity of space etc.?
Digital Solutions Incubator
TFIR grant funded under digital greenhouse, similar energy in what was invited for applications, there’s a VR component
So much of the digital orientation is about the pandemic, accessibility, framing!
Optimizing the website to create a better model for engagement
All the stories and lineages of work that have been done in Greenhouse could be placed and curated digitally online in a way ...
Architecture-oriented creation more than operational, digitally creating more grounding
Website archiving - OneDrive - organizing
Dambana/Parallel Portals
Timeline for Instagram posts
Guidelines and assessment criteria for selection process for program participants

Check Out
10 mins
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