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Pivot toolbox 0.8 Sean


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Welcome back Sean
The home page has two main components - the coachbot, that will guide you though the exercises, grouped into scenarios, and a dashboard that will open up to you as you complete exercises so that you can manage the objectives, rituals and tasks etc that you have created. These texts, at the top of the home page, will change according to the scenario and the exercise you are currently working on.
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The Life Balance scenario
Have you ever had that feeling that your life is out of kilter? That you’re missing out on things you used to do but now have no time for? Or maybe you’ve noticed some distance from friends and family members. Maybe you need to spend more time building those relationships, but where to find the time?
Living a life in balance doesn’t usually happen on its own – it needs attention and effort, and this is especially so in the current climate of home-office working where for many people it is harder than ever to separate their work life from their own life.
And the stakes are high. With your life out of balance, your stress levels are likely to increase, which can lead to stress-related illnesses. And of course, a life out of balance can have significant impact on relationships, which I can attest to from personal experience!
So how to bring your life into balance? The Life Balance scenario includes the core tools you need! help you assess your life balance status (Life balance exercise) do a “deep dive” into the current situation concerning the area of your life you plan to work on (Reality checker) create a concrete objective to work on, including actions/tasks (objective planner) plan rituals/routines that will start to shift your life (Rituals planner) undertake the actions you need, the routines, habits and plans, to achieve that objective (tasks and rituals in the dashboard)
These exercises blend together two core processes that I frequently use in Life Coaching sessions, ROSA (Reality, Objective, Solutions, Action) and GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will). The core difference being that with ROSA the process starts by defining your Reality, where you are now (your Roots), and then proceed to define a Goal or objective, whereas with GROW the process starts with a Goal already in mind so that once you have defined that goal you then define your Reality. ​Progress

Life Purpose navigator
The Life Purpose navigator is designed to help you consider your life purpose as the culmination of the Roots section of the toolbox.
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If you've got this far you probably have documented and reflected on your strengths, skills, values, contribution and life balance. This exercise will help you consider these together to help guide your towards your Life Purpose.
This exercise was inspired from the Ikigai Venn diagrams you will find on the Internet (try “googling” “ikigai”). The Ikigai framework is a model to help you identify your Life Purpose by bringing together 4 elements: what you love, what you’re good at doing, what “your world” needs and earning a living.
There four elements map directly to five of the exercises in the roots section of the toolbox:
What you love - your values
What you’re good at - your strengths and your skills
What the world needs - your contribution to society
Earning a living - your life in balance

Toolbox synchronisation active
Resume coaching session
Hi Sean, I am your coachbot, a sort of virtual Life Coach, here to guide you through the scenarios and exercises of the toolbox.

Let's start with a quick recap.
On the profile page, your toolbox goal is 'I will have a plan for my next role, the geography that is aligned with my values, has opportunity and is agreable to the family by end of year so that I can be in a new role by Q2-Q3. ' .
Is that still OK?
Note: If you reset and recreate your profile, the rest of the toolbox will remain as you left it... so your previous work on your exercises will not be lost!

Yes, this looks good.
Contribution to society
It isn’t easy knowing what legacy to leave – how you would like to contribute to the world, your "just cause"?
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This exercise helps you work through this question by breaking it into three parts:
Scope – what is “your world”? is it family, local community, or is it a global sustainability topic?
Cause – what is the cause you would like to support?
Contribution – how can you bring your skills, strengths and resources to bear to give positive impact on the cause?

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