5 Makeup Tips and Tricks Every Girl Should Know

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Whether you are a beginner or a specialist, makeup tips and deceives consistently prove to be useful for a smooth encounter and tackling mishaps with . For instance, a basic stunt can assist you with getting the ideal wing plan or feline eyes using an eyeshadow.

1. Apply your foundation before concealer

The least demanding method for leveling up your makeup routine is to take a stab at applying your foundation before concealer. Starting with a layer of foundation will assist with minimizing any redness or staining.

2. Ensure Your Primer Complements Your Foundation.

Whether oil or water, your preliminary, and foundation ought to have a similar base; any other way, they will repulse one another or simply slide off your face, making it challenging to mix.

3. Stay away from Peach Fuzz While Applying Foundation.

Continuously apply foundation using lower strokes. A large portion of us have a thin layer of hair all over, and applying foundation in a vertical stroke will make the hair strands stand out.

4. Dissolve your pencil liner to assist it with gliding

Rich makeup items mix better when they're heated up. So in the event that your kohl eyeliner pencil skips or pulls on your eyelid or takes various coats for a good variety result, liquefy it down somewhat before you begin lining.

5. Utilize a spoon as a mascara safeguard

Nothing is more annoying than making your eyeshadow look great, and then swiping on mascara and ruining the entire thing with smudges. Hold a spoon so it's hugging your eyelid, then put on your mascara like you ordinarily would.

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