Reasons for the popularity of the game Among us in the youth generation

, an online game that can be played by multiple players has set the world on fire by making its fan base reach millions of users or players in recent years. During the corona pandemic, its player has raised approx 1600% in a short period of 8 months. The game allows a player count of 10 persons in a single match and these players are divided into two roles i.e. ‘Crewmate’ or ‘Imposter’.
The concept of the game ‘Among Us’ is that the ‘Crewmates’ need to identify the ‘Imposters’ in the match, who need to furtively disrupt the undertakings on the ship followed by killing the ‘Crewmates’ before significantly complete their task of identification.
Reasons for the popularity of the game Among us in the youth generation
The game named ‘Among Us’ is easy to play, extremely social, and included with a number of communications and coordination among the team members for getting the success in the game. Apart from the mobile gadgets, the game can be played over other platforms too like personal computers or laptops.
Features of the Among Us game
The game, Among Us, is all about team spirit and communication in identifying the ‘imposter’ at the end, i.e. to attain the basic goal of the game. Apart from these good points about the game, the ‘Among us’ game also offers a wide list of features to its players, and some of the features are as follows:
Hosting feature
The hosting feature allows the players or users to set the game as per their preference like customizing the game theme, a number of imposters in the game, to whom to enter or remove from the game, and many more. The code generated through these features can be shared with other players to allow the game to be accessible by them, so as to keep the game private.
Public feature
The public feature of the game allows the users to get into the public match. The players need to enter the game before it is initiated, and only 10 players can play the game at a time.
Purchases within the application
The players may attain or purchase their personal accessories for personalizing their avatar in the game, like hats. The entire accessories into the game that can be purchased by the players cost between 1.89 to 2.99 pounds.
Free chat feature via text
The free text chat features have an in-built feature of filters, ensuring that the bad languages and personal information gets removed automatically.
Public and private settings features
The game allows its players to set their game as ‘private’ or ‘public’ in which the entire control is in the hands of the host. If the host has set the game as ‘private’ then, the players need to have a specific code to get access to the game while, in the case of public, the players may enter and join the games listed under the ‘public’ heading.
The features of ‘private’ setting in the games ensure safety for the child and if he/ she is willing to play the game of ‘Among us’ with their friends then, he/ she may share the code with their friends and enjoy the game.
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