A Few Tips to Succeed on Depop

Depop is a perfect mix of Instagram and Amazon/Ebay. You can like, share, buy or sell anything and make side money by using the app. The only thing that can be difficult at times is working out how to sell your products through the app quickly. There are a few things you could do.
Click good pictures
Remember that depop is just like Instagram and people are scrolling hundreds of photos looking for something they like. This is why it is important to click pictures that appeal to other users so that they click through.
Using hashtags
Using hashtags on your listing which are related to your product so that you can increase your reach.
Product Description
Besides a good image, this is the only information the buyer has about the product. You want to tell them as much about them as possible. Your description is very important, this way people will find you and your store. Use keywords that you would use yourself to search for a similar product.
Create a following
If you want to make a true business on Depop, you need to have a good following. People are more likely to buy from someone who has a good following and reviews, giving the impression that you can be trusted.
Take some time to explore some of the shops and people that you like and follow them. The second way is to follow everyone who follows you. Depot is a creative community, and you must show that you are here to help others.
People are also using auto follow bots that simplify the process for you. These bots will automatically follow people with similar interests; however, the follow limit is set at 7501 followers per day.
Contact potential users
The depop notifications tells you when someone likes or saves any of your items. This is a great opportunity to sell. Send a message to the buyer that is interested in something that you are happy to help them if they need more information.
Always send friendly and informal messages. Also, do not hold back in asking your customers to review your service after buying something from you. The more reviews you have on depop, the more reliable you seem to others.
Keep refreshing your product listings
Another part is staying active on depop. Inactive accounts are deactivated. The easiest way to do this is to keep uploading new products for sale. Also, you can always update a few things in the description and this will update your listing and brings the item at the top of your page.
Another simple thing you can do it to edit the product and without making any changes, saving the products. This would refresh the list as well; however, if you have a great number of items, it is better to employ bots so that this repetitive task can be performed without fail on a regular basis.
Quote fair prices and be open to negotiate.
When it comes to pricing, depop makes a ten percent commission on everything you sell. Consider whether you want to offer free shipping or if increase the price to cover your shipping cost. Are you going to ship overseas as well are some things to keep in mind.
Be really fair with your prices and agree to negotiate the price you set. People enjoy when they feel they have got a great deal. Similarly, if there is a price that you really don't want to negotiate, clarify.
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