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Research Your Hair Products

Research your hair care ingredients

Not all sulfate free and silicone free hair care products mean that they are good... most of them actually contain ingredients that are even more harmful than most silicones and sulfates.
This doc serves as a database of silicones and sulfates that you should avoid and that you should continue using.
Head over to the to learn more about the differences between sulfates and silicones.

All you have to do is look up your hair care product online and copy & paste the ingredients below.
** Remember ingredients are listed from most to least concentrated ー most shampoos have fragrance, if it is listed as the last ingredient it is probably okay; if it is listed as an essential oil fragrance then it is safe.
Enter Your Hair Care With a ',' Separating Each Ingredient
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Contains the following...
Good Silicones
Evaporative Silicones
Resilient Silicones
Mild Sulfates
High Strength Sulfates
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