Web Diagnostic

WEBSITE READINESS - Let's Play Dominoes

Created for the purpose of determining a client's readiness for an online web presence of their own by BRHYT STUDIO for PRCC-SBDC.
Began 5 Years ago from a need. No current competition in Chicago - has expanded to other client challenges. Product has shipped nationally. Lead gen via referrals.
Getting asks for other “play” products.
About 50 tables made.
Doing this part-time
Low overhead
40 / 40 / 20 Email
Notes App
Calendar App
Zelle / Cash App / Paypal
10-12 Tables a year
Holidays - Fathers Day
Custom and Ready Made Tables
Vision - Full time job
5 Year goal -
$4-5K a month net
20 Tables
Target Market
Gifts - Women buying for male loved ones 90%
10% Men -
Small Business - United Domino League
Why a website and why now?
Select all that apply.
Introduce Your Product/Service
Attract New Customers
Increase Sales Conversions
Generate Repeat Business
Automate Operations
Implement Ecommerce Site
Improve Customer Service
Do you currently have a website?
Website Address:
Value Proposition
Can you explain your brand’s value?
How does your offering benefit your market?
What is the vision you have for your business?
Target Market
Who is your target customer?
What matters most to them?
Does what you offer serve these needs?
What is your biggest challenge?
Current Order of Business
How are sales currently made?
Do you currently have an online presence?
What social media platforms do you use (rank by largest following)?
Instagram and Facebook vs email
What platforms yield the most sales?
40% on IG, 40% on FB 20% on Web
Do you maintain a Customer Database or CRM? (If so, explain)
Notes App - No
Please explain the current experience offered to your customer?
Leads - Qualifying Convo - Price - Deposit - Complete Project - Complete Payment - Ship
Anything else we should know?
What are your 6 month and 12 month projections? Are you on target to achieve them?
Are you prepared to invest in a website?

How much of a website are you prepared to invest in?
Websites are a continuous investment. It’s a cost of doing business should provide an ROI. If PRCC-SBDC were to cover the upfront development costs of you website, how much would you be able and willing to invest in your website beyond the initial development. These costs include hosting and integration fees and may include ongoing maintenance and technical support. This question is not a commitment but rather a question. that allows to better direct a website strategy that you may consider worthwhile.

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