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Job weighing

A doc to simplify job weighing

Evaluate your jobs, determine employee salaries and export job cards with an intuitive and customizable tool.
What is job weighing?

Adapted from the work of skills experts
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One doc to link all your data

Activity framework. Weighing grid. Jobs. Employees.

Define your company’s missions and activities

Personalizing the activity framework helps clarify the concrete actions to be carried out and the expectations placed on employees, promotes understanding of responsibilities and ensures that jobs are aligned with company’s objectives.



Evaluate your jobs with a universal weighing grid

Job evaluation with a weighing grid offers objective and fair evaluation, promotes transparency and facilitates comparability between jobs.

Give you employees the opportunity to plan their careers

Job cards offer employees a detailed view of their responsibilities and missions, which can facilitate discussions on career progression and encourage them to develop their skills to negociate their salaries.


🛟How to use this doc?

🌎Take a tour

Imagine you work in a training organization as a sales representative.
Create a Sales representative
Enter a job name
Enter a summary
Enter qualifications
Select activities
Select criteria descriptions
Create an
Enter your last & first name
Select a contract
Select a quota
Select sales reprensative job
Select benefits
Enter a gross salary
Go to
Update the edition date
Select your new employee
Click on doc options button (•••) → Print & PDF → PDF (or Ctrl P)
Save your PDF
Present the job card during the hiring proposal
Once the job has been read and approved by the employee, it can be added to the file column.

🪄 Customize data

The weighing grid is universal, but other data are not.
Go to
Delete all rows
In activitySector column, click on Select list options
Clean the list and replace it by your sectors
Do the same for your activityDomain, activityName and activityID
Go to
Customize contract types
Go to
Customize salary benefits
Go to
Customize gross minimum salaries according to your country

Want to weigh up jobs?

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