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Contra Costa Climate Leaders City Report Card

This is a report by the Contra Costa Climate Leaders
This is a compilation of data from various Contra Costa communities accessing progress in policy making to address the climate crisis. The report uses only existing public data and information. In some cases, the data was normalized for purposes of comparing cities of various sizes to one another; i.e. per capita. The report and rankings are intended to solicit friendly banter and competition within and between the local government leaders in Contra Costa communities. The purpose is to encourage the Mayors to have fun and engage in discussions about how they are leading the way or how they are working to catch up with other communities on various best practice policies. Objectives: The goal is to ensure that the local governments in Contra Costa County are leading the way in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions to address the climate crisis. This first annual report provides a limited method to monitor and evaluate various types of policies in place in Contra Costa communities; providing a snapshot of how local government leaders are doing in drawing down our greenhouse gas emissions.
Structure: The program reports data on more than 20 different elements. Each element creates a comparative ranking for the cities to one another. It is structured in a way to encourage multiple, various, friendly discussions and competitions in an effort to motivate more sustainable policies in each of the 19 cities and the County. For example, some cities may have passed a climate emergency declaration, while others may have installed more EV charging stations.
Please see the Appendix for the full details and references of data utilized. The data in this report was combined for the 2020 calendar year. Collectively, the 19 cities and the County have made significant progress in developing legislative policy and in taking action to reduce their carbon footprint. The Climate Leaders Report was made possible by our sponsors and the help of Consultant and UCLA Senior Andrew Johnson.


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