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AI Interview Tool - Assignment

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AI Interview Tool - Product Design Assignment.

The AI Interview is a tool that helps companies to streamline the recruitment process that conducts initial round of interviews with candidates, assessing their qualifications, skills, based on the job profile.

Product Description:

AI Interview is an advanced interview tool powered by AI, designed to conduct initial interviews with job candidates. With the help of AI interview, company will get a comprehensive report on candidates performance in the qualifying rounds.
The tool is equipped with a comprehensive question bank tailored to various industries and roles, with the flexibility to customize questions as per specific job requirements.
The tool incorporates voice and facial expression analysis to gauge candidate confidence, enthusiasm, and potential fit for the company.


The scope of this product design assignment includes the design of the user interface, user flow, and any necessary assets for the AI Interview Tool from the end user standpoint which is a candidate applying for a job.
Note: You are only required to work for the desktop version of the product.


Submit a high fidelity wireframe for the candidate side of the product that enables users to apply for a particular job, give the interview which contains text, audio and video based questions. Post interview, the report of performance is to be provided to the candidate.


User Flow:
Create high fidelity for the candidate which will be coming on the website:
Step 1: Website home-screen.
Step 2: Signup/Get Started
Step 3: Profile creation
Step 4: Listicle of jobs
Step 5: Applying for a particular job.
Step 6: Giving interview via the platform which contains questions which requires answers in text, audio and video based format from the user.
Step 7: Interview successfully completed.
Step 8: Interview report
Step 9: Actionable next steps
Things to remember:
Do not forget to include edge cases for all the above states.

Submission - final mockup:

The final file should be fully designed and polished, with attention to detail regarding layout, typography, color, and imagery.

Your Submission should include:

One Figma file link that contains the complete user flow and edge cases and it should only have the final designed mockup.


3 Days


Do proper research to understand the use case of the product. Make sure you hit “Google” to find answers to current problems in this space and what this tool is trying to solve differently.
The design should be modern and visually appealing, focusing on simplicity and ease of use.
The UX should be simple and not have a cognitive load. Try to keep it clean and smooth for users.

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