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What do you do with the Bicycle You Don't Have Anymore

So You Don't Send It to the Landfill

For a few bikes are considered to be sentimental and a part of a lot of great memories. It's difficult to determine when to leave. It doesn't matter if your children have outgrown their bikes or you're looking for upgrading, or have switched to a new activity, find out what you can do with the bike that you do not need anymore.

What do you do with the Bike You Do Not Really Need

Donate to local charities Many charitable organizations will accept donations. Check out local community centers, charities and even school that could require bikes for different programs.
Communities Bike Programmers See whether your local community has bike sharing programs or local initiatives that repair and provide bikes to people who cannot pay for bikes. It's an excellent way to encourage sustainable transportation.
Youth and Schools Reach out to schools or youth organizations who could use it to educate or for increasing physical activity among youngsters.
Local selling sites: Use online platforms such as Freecycle, Craigslist, or local groups of social media platforms to offer the item to someone who might benefit from it. Be sure to offer it the benefit of a discount for second-hand items!
Repair cafes and bike shops Some bike shops and repair cafes might take bikes that are donated to refurbish or to reuse usable parts. They may even offer you a credit towards the next bike you purchase!
Make sure to check with your family and friends Share the information with your family and friends. You may know someone who is looking for a bicycle or may know someone who is.
Your neighbors: Inform your neighbors know that you'll be putting it on the curb for one day, and then offer it to them for no cost.
Part Recycling: When your bike is damaged beyond repair, you should consider taking it apart and recycling the components. Metal parts, tires and tubes are often recycled by local recycling programs.
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