Samsung Washer Error Codes

Samsung washer codes appear in the digital display of the control panel when the electronic control detects a component failure. Models without a digital display will use blinking lights instead. The combination of blinking lights indicates the code.
When your Samsung washer stops and displays an error code, follow these initial troubleshooting steps to resolve the problem:
Power off the washer and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet for 3 minutes.
Plug the power cord back in and power up the washer.
Attempt to start a wash cycle.
If the error code returns, you’ll likely need to schedule service and have a ATP Technician repair the washer.
So that you know what the code indicates, here’s a list of the common error codes for Samsung washing machines.

Water Fill Error Codes

These codes appear on Samsung washing machines when the control board detects water fill problems: nF, nF1, 4E, 4C, 1 4C, 1E, LE, 1C, LC, LC1, 1 1C, and 1 LC.
When you see one of these codes, make sure that the water supply faucets behind the washer are fully open. Check for frozen water fill lines in the winter. Unplug the washer, shut off the water supply faucets and disconnect the fill hoses from the back of the washer to check for proper water flow. If water flow through the hoses is inadequate, have a plumber repair the water supply to the faucets.
If water flows okay, check the inlet screens on the water inlet valve assembly. If the screens are clogged, have a Appliance Tech Pros Technician replace the water inlet valve assembly rather than cleaning the screens. Cleaning could allow debris to enter the valves, resulting in the valves sticking open and causing a flood.
If these basic troubleshooting steps don’t resolve the issue and clear the code, have a repair expert diagnose and repair the washer.

Water Temperature (Hot/Cold) Error Codes

Seeing these error codes means that you likely have the hot and cold water fill hoses reversed: nF1, 4C2, 4E2, CE, and 14C2. Most of the time, you can clear this type of code by connecting water fill hoses correctly.
If the code continues with water hoses connected properly, you’ll need to have the washer serviced by a professional.

Drain Problem Error Codes

When the control board detects that the washer isn’t draining properly, one of these codes will appear on your Samsung washer: nd, 5E, SE, 5C, SC, or 1 5C. Follow these basic troubleshooting steps to clear the code:
Check the end of the washer drain hose for a clog. Lint build-up at the end of the drain hose can prevent the washer from draining.
Check the house drain used by the washer for a clog. If water doesn’t flow freely through the house drain, clear the clog or have a plumber clear it.
If you have a Samsung front-load washer, check the drain pump filter for debris as shown in the image below.
Clearing debris out of the drain pump filter may allow the your Samsung washer to drain properly.
If these troubleshooting tips don’t help, you’ll need to schedule repair service. The technician may need to replace a defective drain pump.

Door/Lid Lock Error Codes

The washer door or lid must be shut and locked for the washer to operate properly. When the control detects that the door or lid is not closed and locked, one of these codes appear: dS, d5, FL, LO, L0, dE, dE1, dE2, dC*, dC1, dL, 1 dC, 1dC4, 1dC1.
* The dC code indicates an unbalanced load problem on some Samsung washers.
Make sure that the washer door is fully shut and no items are caught in the door. Check the door catch for debris and the door strike for damage. These troubleshooting steps may help you fix the problem and clear the code. If not, you know the drill – schedule repair service.

Stuck Control Button Errors E2, BE2 and 6E2

You can sometimes free up a stuck button on the control panel by powering off the washer and firmly pressing every button on the panel. While pressing each button, work it back and forth to possibly free up stuck edges before releasing. Power the washer back on.
If the code returns, you’ll need to have a service technician repair the washing machine. The control panel may need replacing.

Unbalanced Load Error Codes

When the laundry inside the tub is all bundled or tangled up and the washer can’t balance the load for spinning, the Ur code will appear in the display. The washer will continue to attempt to balance the load and finish the spin cycle.
Seeing one of these codes indicates that the washer was unable to balance the load and spin the clothes: dc*, Ub, U6, UE, 1 Ub or 1U6.
* The dc code indicates that the control detects a door or lid lock problem on some Samsung washing machine.
The unbalanced error code can appear when you’re washing a large item such as a comforter or quilt and the washer can’t balance the load. A tangled or bundled load of clothes can also cause the code. If you’re able to manually balance the load and run the drain and spin cycle with no problems, then the washing machine is likely okay.
If the code appears constantly even when clothes inside the tub are balanced, then you’ll need to have a service technician examine and repair your Samsung washer.

Other Error Codes

The dn code indicates that the washer is downloading a software update. You may see this code appear on your Samsung washer if you have a smart model with Wi-Fi connectivity.
A CL code will appear Child Lock mode is on and you open the door while water is still in the washer tub. To clean this code, turn off the Child Lock or turn the washer off and then back on.
Sensor and control error codes include: 9C6, 9C7, 9C8, 3E, 3C, E3, 1 3C, AE, AE6, AEb, AC6, ACb, AC, AC4, AC3, AC5, AE8, AEB, AE4, AE3, AE5, 1AC6, 1 AC, AC7, AE3, 8E, 8E1, 8E2, BE, BE1, BE2, 8C, BC, 8C1, 8C2, BC1, BC2, 1 8C, 1 BC, 18C1, 1BC1, 18C2, 1BC2, tE, tE1, tC, HC, HE, HE1, Hr, 1 HC, PC, PE, PC1, PE1, IE, SF, 5F, SF1, SF2, SF3, 5F1, 5F2, 5F3, 1 SF, Sr, 5r, bE, 6E and 7E.
Powering off and unplugging the washing machine for 3 minutes may clear these codes when they appear in the display. If the code reappears when you plug the power cord back in and use the washer, it will likely need to be serviced by a technician to fix the problem.
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