Instagram has now made it possible to generate backgrounds for your posts using AI.

Generative AI is all over the place, in the shape of apps that create video, text or images. It's available via cloud-based applications like ChatGPT Dall-E, Dall-E, Google Bard, or on our smartphones using the newest Snapdragon 8 Generation 3 and MediaTek Dimensity 9300 chipsets.
This isn't all. Generative AI has also made its way into social media platforms, regardless of whether they are WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. In the context of generative AI and Instagram, the social media platform recently introduced a brand new feature that allows people to design distinct backgrounds for their narratives using written prompts. The way it operates.

What is the latest generative AI tool for Instagram Stories,d how does it function

Instagram uses AI to let users make better backgrounds for their stories. Meta's head of Generative AI, Ahdmad Al-Dahle, revealed the new feature in an announcement in Threads last week.
The latest backdrop feature on Instagram is available once the person has snapped an image or uploaded it to the Story Editor. It is displayed on the top of the page, along with icons for texts, music and stickers. It is identifiable with images of people who have a rectangle-shaped frame to their left. When users tap it, the background against the subject is likely to change into a checkered background, similar to Photoshop.
It also comes with a text box that prompts participants to describe the backgrounds they'd like to make. You'll get prompt suggestions for locations, such as "On the red carpet" and "surrounded by dinosaurs", as well as others. Users could also input the prompts of their choice and change the backgrounds of their stories.
After users have posted their story, it will be shown to their followers with a label that says "Try this." Clicking on it will open the editor of their story so that they can experiment with this tool, too.
This is the most recent of Meta's AI-powered innovations to its products. In the last month, Meta made its 28 AI-powered characters available in its applications. Meta has also unveiled its AI-powered image generator, called Imagine, which works with Meta and is driven by Meta's proprietary LLM (large model of language) known as Emu.
Be aware, however, that the generative-AI-based background editor used in Instagram stories is now accessible only to users of smartphones within the US. Its availability for customers in other countries has yet to be discovered at this time.
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