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Welcome to Nexus Dental Laboratory!
When you choose Nexus, you're choosing more than just a dental lab. You're opting for a team dedicated to advancing dental care.
We pride ourselves on our top-tier services, innovative products, and meaningful partnerships.
This document is a straightforward guide to what we offer. Dive in to learn more about our services, products, and trusted partners.
And to make things easier, we've included direct links to resources you might need as you work with us.

Why Choose Nexus? Let Us Enlighten You.

At Nexus Dental Laboratory, we're more than just a fully digital lab. We've challenged and transformed the traditional approach, eliminating needless visits and optimising chair time for both our surgical partners and their patients.
Our mission? To sculpt a dental care experience that's as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and your patients.

Revolutionising Dental Care Through Innovation & Technology

What's our secret? It's a fusion of advanced communication tools, premium materials tailored for digital workflows, and the unmatched accuracy of the latest CAD/CAM technologies.
The outcome? Consistency in our services ensures you receive nothing less than the pinnacle of dental care solutions.

Our Distinction: Where Innovation Merges with Mastery

At the heart of our technological prowess lies our most valuable asset: our team. Comprising some of Europe's most esteemed technical talents, we possess the expertise to deliver unparalleled results consistently.
Notably, many on our team are recognised global trainers and lecturers, generously imparting their knowledge to peers worldwide.
But what truly sets us apart is each member's genuine passion for our craft. In serving our surgical partners and their patients, every technician is deeply committed to ensuring you receive the finest restorations.
With Nexus, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a dedicated partner.

Innovation Runs Through Our Veins

Complex cases? We thrive on them! Our team excels in 2D and 3D smile design communication, assisting you in planning and pinpointing the perfect shade, no matter the challenge.
For those cases that demand an extra touch of precision, we rely on eLAB, guaranteeing an impeccable shade match every single time.

Strategic Alliances: Simplifying the Intricate

While the digital landscape can be daunting for many, we easily navigate it. Thanks to our esteemed partners, we're armed with the latest tools, ensuring we consistently deliver top-tier results daily.

Transparent Pricing & Efficient Processes

In the dynamic world of digital dentistry, clarity is our mantra. With our transparent pricing and streamlined workflows, we empower you to concentrate on the clinical aspects of your profession while we seamlessly handle the intricacies of digital technology.

Our Implant Systems: Excellence Without Exception

Collaborating with industry frontrunners, we provide a one-price-fits-all solution for all your implant needs. Our all-inclusive pricing includes all models and components, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
Each of our esteemed partners brings these advantages, coupled with their standout services. We extend these offerings to you at a single fixed price, regardless of whether the case is cement-retained or screw-retained angle-corrected.
We've got you covered. Every model (including printed ones), component, fitting jig, and soft tissue for final implant cases is included in our pricing. Say goodbye to unexpected charges from your implant company for lab-ordered parts.
With Nexus, it's straightforward: one price, one invoice for restoring your implants with final crowns.

Streamlined Invoicing: One Bill, Zero Hassles

Navigating the billing maze with other labs can be tedious. You often find yourself sifting through separate invoices for Insertion Guides, Crowns, Abutments, Analogues, Soft Tissue, and Printed Models.
To add to the confusion, while the lab bills some parts, others, like analogues, come billed directly from your implant supplier. This fragmented approach complicates cost tracking for each case, leaving you juggling invoices from multiple sources.
At Nexus, we simplify this process. Everything you need is delivered in one package, and we consolidate and handle all billing, including IOS cases.

Introducing Our Elite Partnerships

Our collaborations with industry leaders like Atlantis, Tru Abutment, Nobel Biocare, NextDent, and Element Digital Solutions ensure you receive implants of unparalleled quality.

Quality & Precision at Your Fingertips

We've partnered with Atlantis, offering a wide range of materials and support for multiple implant systems. With their stellar accuracy, we can design abutments and crowns together, ensuring a fit that's nothing short of perfect.

Wide range of materials and support for multiple implant systems. Incredible accuracy allows the abutment and crown to be designed together for an optimal fit.

Atlantis CustomBase

No compromise. Ideal material for implant connection and bio-compatible sub-gingival emergence against tissue. Also available with angle correction.

Atlantis Bridgebase


Atlantis’ Warranty

Rest easy knowing that Atlantis' warranty is a testament to our dedication to your well-being. Whether you're dealing with implants or abutments across any system, our pledge to ensure your peace of mind is steadfast.


“The warranty covers implants and abutments on any system to offer peace of mind.”

-Steve Campbell, MD

Innovative Solutions from Nobel Biocare


Nobel ASC Crown

As a Nobel Biocare partner, we bring you unique solutions that optimise aesthetics and ensure bio-compatible materials subgingivally.

Nobel On One Crown

Discover an innovative approach tailored for Nobel implants. With this method, the healing abutment remains in place, serving as the foundation for impeccable aesthetics. This ensures the use of bio-compatible materials subgingivally, preserving any tissue connection established during the healing process. ​You only pay for a lab crown and Nobel link.

Tru Abutment


Precision Perfected with 3D Printing

Accuracy is paramount in our field. That's why we've partnered with NextDent and 3D Systems, renowned for their top-tier printers and resin materials.
With the backing of these industry giants, we guarantee ISO-certified materials and impeccable precision.

Superior Materials for Outstanding Outcomes

Untitled (500 × 350px).png
In collaboration with Element, we can access an expansive range of materials, from Celtrapress and Emax to diverse Zirconia options. Whatever your case demands, rest assured we have the solution.
Element employs the state-of-the-art Ivoclar milling system, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and consistency. Their commitment to precision makes them one of the select few we trust implicitly to execute our designs, guaranteeing our surgical partners the utmost accuracy.

Effortless Case Submission

Digital or Analogue, we're on your side. Whether you lean towards the time-tested analogue methods or embrace the digital frontier, we're equipped to accommodate.
Submit your case via traditional impressions or any intra-oral scanner of your choice.

While we pride ourselves on being a fully digital laboratory, we recognise that many cases still begin with conventional impressions.


Trustworthy Delivery, Every Time

We understand the invaluable nature of your dental solutions. That's why we entrust DPD's robust tracking services for all our case shipments, guaranteeing secure delivery on every occasion. For those hard-to-reach areas, we turn to Royal Mail Special Delivery.
Every case we send back comes with tracking, and we provide pre-printed drop-off labels and bags for your convenience. These can be deposited at any Premium
Need shipping bags or labels? Reach out to us at 01423 561392 or drop an email at , and we'll promptly assist.

Intra Oral Scans

We support every type of intra-oral scanner and are a registered lab for the iTero, 3Shape, Carestream and Inlab portals.
To get started, simply reach out to us at 01423 561392 or email , and we'll swiftly onboard you to the relevant portals.
Using an intra-oral scanner not mentioned above? As long as it can produce STL files, you're in good hands.
Our dedicated Nexus WeTransfer portal ensures that sending large files is smooth and hassle-free.

Traditional Impressions: A Timeless Craft

While our lab thrives in the digital realm, we appreciate a well-crafted traditional impression.
We've partnered with Chris Leetham at Impression Solutions, rigorously testing the stability of their assortment of impression materials, including the standout Octa 8-day stable alginate.
So for excellent impression materials paired with exceptional service and pricing, reach out to Chris using the details below:
Tel: 07484724508

Global Collaboration, Local Dedication


Digital technology allows us to connect with the best global partners to provide the most effective solutions.
While our collaborations span continents at Nexus, our commitment remains rooted in offering a tailored, top-tier service.
We prioritise transparent communication at every step, ensuring your experience with us is both seamless and hassle-free.

Making Your Life Easier

Your Comprehensive One-Shop Lab Portal

Track case progress, view invoices, make payments, and easily upload files. Our Lab Portal is designed to streamline every aspect of your engagement with us. Dive into our surgery portal guide

Effortless Large File Transfers

Have a file that's too hefty for email? We've got you covered. Our dedicated Nexus WeTransfer portal ensures that sending substantial files is straightforward. Explore it
: Nexus WeTransfer.

Earn While You Spend

Turn your lab bills into travel opportunities! Pay online via our direct portal using your Air Miles credit card, and you'll be one step closer to your next adventure.

You'll enjoy a consistent price while we absorb any card transaction fees.

Flight Air Miles.jpeg

A Message from our MD, Steve Campbell

“ At Nexus Dental Laboratory, our commitment isn't just about delivering quality dental care — it's about setting new standards. We've streamlined the case restoration journey with state-of-the-art systems, a team of seasoned technicians, and an intuitive online portal. We eagerly anticipate our collaboration with you.”

Steve Campbell Nexus Dental.png

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