Preliminary Syllabus for Honing Your Craft...Skill up from 'Coder' to 'Software Engineer'

Total: 16 weeks
Introductory concepts (~2 weeks)
Version control (git)
Basics of good project-management
Working well with a team, communication skills
Frontend development (~2 weeks)
HTML/CSS/TypeScript basics
Consider high level of TypeScript strictness
Using a package manager (npm)
Using a component library
Introduction to Angular and frontend web frameworks
Consider Inkubasia pain points: observables, routes, memory, etc.
More general concepts (~2 weeks)
How to split up changes into small, well-tested commits
How to code-review well
Best practices for testing
Backend development (~4 weeks)
Introduction to Node.js and web servers
Deploying a website (domains, DNS, options for hosting, etc.: focus on cloud-based services)
Managing a push
Basics of relational DBs and ORMs (MySQL, Sequelize)
Basics security principles
Being careful with APIs, frontend
Basics of web APIs, how to call from frontend
Putting it all together (~6 weeks)
Work on final project (open-ended)
Working in groups of 3-4
Should put into practice the general concepts being taught (e.g. project management, code review, testing)
Lectures on more general topics:
Basic algorithms and data structures, technical interview prep
Good coding practices (modularization, DRY, writing architecture documents, etc.)
Get student input on additional topics to cover
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