Pursuing Excellence in Your Career

SV panel

Think through the who and the what
How many people and who are we using to speak?
(People not speaking)
Let’s choose based on topic, topic driven, but would like to include those who are not speaking elsewhere:
Victor, Lan, Yang, Jen, Crystal + Nargiza on the screen
Others who are available: Crystal, DanLow, (David, but time is late), Isaac, Jen, Yang
What kind of topics? (programming/tech? Interviewing)
What’s our initial list of questions?
Back up questions are topics below
Are we soliciting questions from the audience? (And How?)
We will solicit questions during the day of, before the session, but also allow for open mic if time allows
Back up questions are the topics below

Small survey on IG and people were mostly interested about:
- Best steps to start and grow your career in tech (which programming languages should I learn?)
- What steps should I take to start a non coding career in tech?
- Being effective working remotely (Isaac)
- Work-life balance working remotely (Isaac)
- Mental health and growth
- Good habits and career growth (but we will be covering this in Isaac’s talk)

2 do:
email speakers (1) regis (2) dry run
check with Ulan for in-person, dry run? Check in with David for update
Email lan to confirm his panel speaking
contact Kanyshei for update on date and for helping with lunch order?
contact Aliya to see orgs we should promo with
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