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Iact Vision

Seeking Influencers

The world is a better place thanks to influencers: the many teachers, coaches, counselors, parents, ecclesiastical leaders, and others who dedicate time, energy, and resources to help others. Influencers lift our vision of who we are and what we can do. Influencers help us achieve that vision.

Thanks to good influencers, many of us have learned the joy of small steps to do great things. We’ve learned to be doers.

We applaud our influencers. But we’re not just applauding, we want to help!

How We Can Help

Some of the biggest challenges influencers face include:
Reinforcing your message outside of visits.
Getting people to act and be accountable.
Engaging friends, parents, and other interested parties who can help.

Iact is a
that helps Influencers do all three through Actions. Actions help reinforce your message, ask users to take specific actions, monitor progress, and invite interested parties to help as needed.

Iact offers simple solutions to help you be even more effective and to expand your influence even further. Like we said, we just want to help.

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