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How to start a software project

How to start a software project

Get all the requirements
Objective and scope
Target audience
Technology Requirements / APIs
Budget (Well documented)
Make sure you put everything in writing, print some documents and have the client sign it.
Create a timeline
Carefully establish a timeline based on the requirements
Document your timeline/tasks
For clients, always tell them longer than you think
UX/UI Design
Know what the final result will look like
Create wireframes using mockups using Figma, Sketch, PS etc
What components will go where
Send for approval
Use all the information you have as a guide
Setup your dev environment (IDE, configs, installs etc)
Setup a Git repository with branches
Setup a folder with all the resources for the project (mockups, designs, images, colors, copy etc)
Keep in communication with the client/team
Make sure you’re on the same page
Implement project management
Get feedback constantly
Make sure you test every feature
Implement QA practices
Test on multiple platforms

Subdivide the project into smaller components
Start with the UX/UI Design, then move to Database Design, then to Architecture Design

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