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UX Questions

UX Questions

Can you give examples of: when your research uncovered an opportunity that led to a major win?
User research: benefit
understanding target audiences: who are we talking to
understand the problem (and causes): what do we need to fix
Measurement often happens on detailed level (i.e. button label or placement)
Can you give examples of: A time when the research led the team down the wrong path?
User research: benefit
User research (i.e. personas) not being informed by objective data
Quantitative data not being backed up by qualitative insights (getting to the right conclusions)
What are some quick wins or ways that you’ve seen teams fill the gap that doesn’t have a dedicated researcher?
User research: Buy-in/ get started
Quick & dirty approach → get to know your user
secondary research
hallway testing
talk to customer support, talk to sales
mini surveys in tool/ on website
unmoderated testing
Given your wealth of experience working both within large companies as well as as a freelancer, what would you recommend to teams looking to mature their research process?
User research: Buy-in/ get started
What is it that you want to grow in? - Share UX feedback - make data accessible & useful for different teams - Invest in knowledge growth (conferences, trainings) - stay up to date with techniques
What are some things that you need prior to starting research that help you yield a stronger outcome? (team structure, certain types of goals defined, etc.)
User research: Buy-in/ get started
Your goal: what does the research need to inform? What decision need to be made?
Your assumptions: what do we know already? what do we not know? what are our assumptions/ hypothesis (→ stay objective)
Curiosity and open mind: “what if” - observe, listen - before evaluating, judging
Buy in (top):partner with departments, collect questions, input, what do THEY need
How might you go about co-defining a product roadmap with a broad set of users / customers? (ie. What features would you want to see on our product?)
User research: co-design
Never ask directly: what do you want?
Share prototypes
Diary studies
Co-design sessions
Be clear about the problem
In your experience, what’s the most effective way to hire participants for in-person research?
User research: interviews
Do you have a process for prioritizing opportunities? Or is that handled externally?
User research: method
CJM and dot voting
This is where business needs overlap with user needs (triangle)
Over the years, what type of research activities have you found to be most valuable across any type of design engagement?
User research: methods
Which qualitative / quantitative research methods or activities yield the best results for you?
User research: methods
How do you decide on what metrics to hone in on in order to measure the potential UX impact? Are there any guiding principles you apply in that thought process?
User research: metrics
Which user research/testing tools or platforms have you tried over the years and found to work best? (e.g., the cream of the crop vs. one that yields decent results with limited budget) Which can you not live without?
User research: tools
What are your thoughts on building personas? Do you find them useful? And if so:
UX: Personas
Are those personas shared between product and marketing? How do they differ?
UX: Personas
One of things I found to be challenging during a design sprint was juggling workshop + test planning, facilitation, and synthesis in a one week time frame with a larger group of people. If time feels to be too tight, what would be some of the first things you try to do to make the design sprint more manageable?
Workshop: Design sprint
What were some of the biggest hurdles you experienced when you started facilitating workshops and how did you overcome them? What hurdles do you continue to face today?
What would be the top 3 skills that you would recommend one to focus improving on to be a better facilitator?
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