Buying a Franchise in the USA: Top 4 Industries to Explore

Franchising Magazine USA
Franchising is a successful business model, allowing top brands to reach millions of Americans across the expanse of this country. There are over 750,000 franchise units in the USA, employing 8 million people and serving many more customers. People interested in entrepreneurship can explore excellent and choose brands that fit their dreams. The top American franchises enable new business owners to achieve financial independence and contribute to the growth of the US economy. If you want to pursue a profitable franchise opportunity in the USA, it is critical to identify the top industries to target. Let’s explore the four leading industries for budding franchisees!
Food and Beverages (F&B): Americans are passionate foodies, ensuring the massive success of the country’s F&B industry. In 2020, this industry clocked a market value of nearly $997 billion with a projected CAGR of 4.1% between 2021 and 2028. These numbers highlight the growth potential of F&B businesses. Buying a franchise is a safe way to enter this market without navigating the risks of setting up a new business. Chick-fil-A, a fast-food franchise firm, is one of the most profitable players in this space. The in the F&B industry also include reputed names like McDonald's and Dunkin'. If you want to explore more niche options, Jersey Mike's Subs can be a good investment in the fast-food segment.
Gym and Fitness: Rising awareness about lifestyle improvements and wellness has prompted many Americans to seek fitness services. The gym and fitness franchising market is valued at $6 billion, growing substantially as health-consciousness increases among the general populace. Jazzercise is one of the top brands in the fitness franchise space. Anytime Fitness, Pure Barre, UFC Gym, and Planet Fitness are other leading players in this industry.
Residential and Commercial Cleaning: Cleaning services are essential for many residential customers and commercial premises. The post-pandemic changes in consumer behavior have triggered a spurt in demand for these services. America's residential and commercial cleaning franchises have a combined market value of $6.1 billion. You can explore leading brands like MaidPro, ServiceMaster Clean, Vanguard, Cleaning Systems, Merry Maids, and more to break into the cleaning services industry.
Hairdressing and Salon Services: The post-pandemic recovery process has triggered increasing expenditures on personal care services. Beauty and hair salon franchises have experienced a boost because of these shifts, making this space a highly profitable option for aspiring entrepreneurs. Hairdressing and barber franchises in the USA have a market value of $17 billion, growing by more than 5% in 2022. Great Clips, Fantastic Sams, Super Cuts, Cost Cutters, Sport Clips, and Snip-Its are the leading brands in the country's hairdressing and salon service market.
You can check out the business models of different franchise firms operating in these industries to take your pick. If you want more information about the , don’t forget to read America’s best franchise-oriented magazine!
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