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Fouad Abou-Rizk: Digital Professional

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Fouad Abou-Rizk: Digital Professional

I am a digital professional specializing in workflow automation, SaaS apps, and systematic processes. My greatest strengths are organizing data and streamlining processes through commonly used software-as-a-service apps.
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How I Work: Organization Comes First.

When it comes to digital organization, my core principles are:
Everything has a place where it belongs.
My former coworkers would attest that "I'm not sure where that file is" was a problem they no longer faced after my first week at VarTech Systems, during which I created an Airtable database with the locations of all relevant files for the Marketing department’s usage.
Airtable is my bread and butter: I love making sense of complex and interconnected information through sorting, grouping, and filtering records.
I am process-oriented, comprehensively keeping track of daily tasks and every facet of extensive projects, typically through project management and business productivity apps.
The most significant undertaking in my previous role was participating in a from-scratch re-do of the company's nearly 50-page website. When it came to the publishing day after four months of work, "Did we miss anything?" was not a question anyone asked.

My SaaS Apps.

I love SaaS apps, and my personally owned premium tech stack includes Airtable, ClickUp, Coda, Google Workspace, Make, Microsoft Power Automate, Miro, and Trello. I am also an expert user of HubSpot and Microsoft Teams.
At the moment, my favorite app is Miro. I love how it allows me to brainstorm and ideate solutions with an open canvas while accommodating notes I’ve written on paper, photos, and screenshots to keep all my “figuring things out” in one place.

My Location and Career Goals.

Located in Winston-Salem, NC, I am primarily seeking remote work, full-time or contract, related to project management, process improvement, and data management.

My Contact Info:

Please email me at or connect with me on .

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