10/14/21 - Wunderkind+FN > Weekly Master Planning

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Agenda -
10/14/2021, 1:00 PM

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Discussion topics
X-Button Delay A/B Test Results
Annual Impact Summary
Klarna/Afterpay Methods
GA YOY Performance Summary
Current Project Status
Action items
Refactor X-delay test to NOT delay 100% of traffic for 2 weeks.
After 2 weeks we’ll analyze impact instead of trying to A/B test.
Shawna - to update FN on revenue impact metrics due to the Lookalike Cap
Meet with Performance Strategy team to determine where we can creatively maximize sends while preserving UX across the program.
New Cart Email
part of lookalike module, adding this in wouldn’t give an incremental boost we initially sought after.
Product team needs to resolve the cap issue before moving to implement this new cart email.
Anything related to cart/text/email has highest return
if we’re ready to launch the cart one lets get ready to launch that VS lookalikes.
Relay cart/text/emaili is priority above lookalike sends
Follow up with update on Unsubscribe upload request
Denis currently working through perms issues with Stephen internally.
X-Button Delay
Submit rate for PROMO RD5 Desktop Entrance Prospect
PROMO RD5 Desktop Entrance Prospect
X-button delay is showing a 54% increase in submit rate leading to ~7k more net new emails captured within a month
Seeing a slight shift in conversion for the no x button delay variant
WKND recommendation: optimize towards the x-button delay across all campaigns
Impact Summary
361M triggred email sends with conversion rate 40% higher than batch/blast email
38.4% to same period in 2020
2.78M new email addresses added through SailThru
10.8% to same period in 2020
42.1x ROAS on full Wunderkind suite (conservative, GA attribution)
2.3% to same period in 2020
2nd highest performing performance marketing channel - Wunderkind driving 3.72% of annual revenue
Comparatively Attentive running ~6% revenue
Klarna & AfterPay
Ran initial campaigns after launching these platforms
No ongoing incentive, just 1-time campaign
Campaign isn’t over & we’re not removed from the site - we’re just not pushing as much traffic.
We’re still a top option in their fashion section.
This is why Surag didn’t want to remove Klarna from GA reporting.
GA YOY Performance Summary
2020 WKND Last Click Email Impact
3.65M 36 ROAS, 4.3% of total online revenue
3.4% E-com conversion rate
2021 WKND Last Click Email Impact
3.5M 35x ROAS
Identification Summary
290,700 new email subscribers
Identification rate: 45.1%
WKND Updates
Lookalike Module Updates
10/8 - product team implemented a cap on FN’s lookalike sends, as the spikes in sends were causing larger issues with our system that were impacting our entire client base.
The cap is currently set at 50k sends/day across all lookalike modules( new product/price drop lookalike). Lookalikes tend to be our highest send volume series, so we are actively looking for a solution to re-enable sends.
This is the highest revenue driving campaign so it’s high priority to resolve.
Will only impact revenue from new product lookalike.
Current Projects Status
Hard Markdown series update is with coding team now - should be wrapped up early next week
Unsubscribe upload request - status?
Ronen to send SHQ contract next week
Hard Markdown Sale
Currently Indefinite, no time to close

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