10/14/21 - Quality & Compliance + IT Regroup

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Agenda -
10/14/2021, 10:30 AM

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Discussion topics
Review open requests for FNBuyer, Vendor Portal, NetSuite, etc.



Action items

Get an estimated dollar amount of cash wasted on shipping hats in boxes
How can we figure out how to find this
Schedule a meeting for us to review the label auction process
Test the automatic style live after releasing from QC hold
Will update INCO terms for all Vendors in NS
Try to get LOE for label auction (proposed solution NetSuite auto-generate CSV to send to Vendor)
Schedule Demo for IT to sit in and document the Vendor Portal/label auction process
Add fabric field to product master in NetSuite


Link to TOP Process | NS SC&A Reimplementation
Ask from Compliance perspective
Hat should be shipped in a box
Beauty has an indicator section the tells them to ship in boxes
Buyer goes into netsuite, there is a fragile indicator, says it has to go in a box
goes to HighJump which tells DC they need to box an item
Gonna start buying swimwear very soon
we’re shipping every hat in a box, only need to ship some (tiara) in a box
Need to add a property
Boomi is between NetSuite and HighJump
WarpDrive replaced Boomi
Need flash aging report to show which styles are on hold
QC can add comments but not required
Need to add required field when disabling something
Report needs to pull in these comments for web uploader disabling comments
Report criteria: Display items that are not published, have inventory. Include disabled comments. Show QC hold notes and Product Visibility Notes.
Disabled = cancelled in NetSuite (
NetSuite Native Reports
Used Looker to build reports for NetSuite(Daacity)
PP Process = Pre Production Process - before Vendor has produced goods
Buying team gets a PP sample, inputs into PLM. TOP world saved a ton of time and efficiencies were built with the tool that we want to take into NetSuite.
TOP process reminds a vendor to submit TOPs and PPs.
Automated process exists for TOP, but not PP
TOP Process = Top of Production Process - When goods have been produced but pre-sale
Vendor submits TOP sample, fit it, put web notes for the site, approved, goes to studio for images, uploader for images to NetSuite
Counter: Means we need another vendor to create this item. Require other vendor to submit a TOP for their items.
Counter is ready for UAT for TOP.
Every item has label auctions - not priority
POs have Style Color with label requirements
Download gives PO number
Trim = labels, hangtags, buttons, whatever is required to ship product
Trim department used to report into her, now Jennifer owns this
has asked to automate this
Need to get scope/requirements to build scope/function doc.
The codes we create for trim doesn’t have a trim supplier
Daily job to accumulate open POs to send label auctions
Library - not high priority
Library is a library of all products so team can pull sample if needed
TOP samples are sent to library
Automatically make styles live after releasing
Default vendor INCO terms in NetSuite when buying issues POs
INCO terms not maintained at vendor master
Vendor profile in NS shows INCO terms
Benefit: Will help prevent PO errors, buyers are issuing the wrong INCO terms to vendor.
Buyers shouldn’t be able to issue INCO terms - NS should automatically determine based on Vendor Master
Some Legacy Vendors don’t have INCO terms on here.
Vendor Portal - New Initiative/Basic
Jassi meeting gathered initial functionality/requirements
VP has compliance, manuals, Vendors can do a lot in there
VP was initially an accounting tool for Vendors to process payments
New Vendor Setup on Vendor Tool exists today
A lot of requirements that other companies have do not exist in ours today
Vendor Factory relationship needs to be defined in NetSuite
This should go onto POs automatically

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