10/13/21 - Meet Raji (SME) BSA / Highjump - Meeting Notes

Fill out Agenda, Decisions, Action Items, & Notes

Agenda -
10/13/2021, 1:00 PM

Chris Lynn
Discussion topics
Introductions with Raji, Chris, & Zach
Review FN System Diagram (Business Process/Data Flow)



Action items

Jassi to share the Systems Diagram once Aaron is comfortable sharing the document.


Systems Diagram
A new systems diagram was created in the past 1-2 months which includes the newly implemented OMS.
Contains all financial data.
Updates inventory to Shopify.
CCTool (Customer Care Tool)
iFrame built in SalesForce - SF wasn’t implemented before so we just brought CCTool into SalesForce. Long-term vision is to fully sunset CCTool and fully migrate to SalesForce.
Einstein chatbot integrated with SalesForce
~170 Lambdas
Built OMS to process orders
OM - Acertify (Fraud Tool), Avalara.
OMS Admin - More of an engineering tool to catch issues with orders to reprocess, debugging, etc... (This is Raji’s pain point).
All financial data goes into ODS. It’s another database in AWS (FerroDB) processes all financials and moves it into NetSuite. (ETL) (Batch posting daily at 2AM from Shopify to NetSuite)
Looker - reporting/3rd party managed by Daacity (20-30 reports)
Data for this in Confluence.
Reports in Looker are generally behind one day since financial postings are once daily at 2AM.
POS system externally managed.
Orders come from RMS to WarpDrive/HighJump.
Retail orders are VAS’d in warehouse before going out, do not ship directly.
If an item fails QC, we RTV which sends a message to NetSuite. This can take up to a week.
This is the WMS.
HighJump contains all inventory data.
It takes inputs from WarpDrive
Source of truth for inventory - inventory needs to be sent to Shopify in real time
As soon as order is placed in Shopify the inventory is removed from Shopify
Until order is cancelled the order is unavailable - if cancelled there’s a restock
If a PO comes in for an item, maybe 100, it’s put on hold if there’s a QC issue. Was available for brief moment, but QC may put it on hold.
Inventory update messages are also sent to NetSuite to track physical goods movements and financial/GL movements.
ETL to and from
Orders from OMS thru WarpDrive.
We have other systems (Cofe) is WCS system for picking items in the warehouse
CLS is creative logistics which helps us in rate shopping a particular order between carriers (UPS, FEDEX, etc) and helps getting labels for packages.
WarpDrive Admin
If order got stuck/not processed it required manual work to isolate issues and troubleshoot.
Once picking/packing done it goes to shipping cart thru conveyer belts
Containers are diverted based on carrier and label
Aggregating order data to drill down into weeds on order issues
Has all the endpoints, is cumbersome. Should be broken down into front-end and back-end APIs - this is a WIP.
There are 5 front-end, 7-8 back-end.
Instant Bot(?) endoint, Narvar, etc. to interact with data
Updating Shopify and ODS, etc.
Will cover with Surag.
Lee is PM.
It’s used for interacting on the site (ChatBot, iFrame for CCTool).
Replaced Zendesk.
Vendor Portal
On JavaScript, on ViewScript. Working towards TypeScript.
Built in-house.
Vendor Onboarding - not here
Vendor Contracts - there’s a huge ask for this Vendor Portal to become something
What it does: Vendors onboards them with their IDs, (no W9 or contracts, use Concord for that).
Buyers open this tool to look at that
Buyers Tool and Vendor Tool should be integrated but are separate now.
Took 1.5 months to go through requirements from Business Stakeholders - there’s a confluence page on it with a high level. (
Reviewed a lot of off-the-shelf solutions but none of them had all requirements met. So we built it in-house.
iOS testing done through GCP(?)
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