5 Tips to Maintain Your GemDuo Beads Collection

Beaded jewelry has been one of the longest-living trends in terms of fashion and accessories. Especially now with the Y2K style coming back, beaded jewelry is all the rage. So, if you are a jewelry designer or maker you need to amp up your game to serve your clients better. And if you're a craft enthusiast who likes to make their jewelry then you must know how to care for your fancy GemDuo beads, seed beads, and more.
and are often used quite heavily while making Y2K jewelry. The style and aesthetics of Y2K jewelry can be described as a tongue-in-cheek moment with high-shine accessories and popping colors. So, maintaining the shine of the beads is necessary. No one will like a beaded necklace, choker, or bracelet if the finishing of the product is matte.
So, without further ado let's dive into learning the tricks to maintain the shine of the beads.
Warm water - This is especially for loose beads. Cleaning loose beads is one of the easiest tasks of maintaining beads and beaded jewelry. Take a bowl of warm water, and use a little bit of dishwashing liquid. Pour your beads into the bowl and keep them there for a few minutes. If you're cleaning the beads after a long time you can use an old toothbrush to clean out the crevices of textured beads. Don’t forget to rinse with clear water after.
Strung Beads - Strung beads are vulnerable. The wire or the thread holding them together may break if you submerge them in water for a long. Metallic wire can become rusty also. So, you should use a toothbrush to clean the beads using the same warm water and dishwasher liquid solution. Many often swear by this trick to clean and maintain the high shine of the jewelry.
Avoid Direct Sunlight - Direct sunlight can be damaging to your beads. Especially for glass seed beads or GemDuo beads. Most of the beads available in the market are often coated with protective layers which can reduce the harmful impact of the sunlight. However, it is still better to store your beads or beaded jewelry in a storage box, jewelry bag, or so.
Softness is Paramount - While cleaning your beads collection or your beaded jewelry you must remember to be soft. That means lukewarm water, harsh temperatures can damage the beads. No harsh chemicals, and dilute them well. Use the softest brush, baby brushes are an excellent choice to clean your GemDuo beads.
Caring for the Beads - Your beads are precious. They create jewelry that is a part of your identity. You must be gentle and careful with them. In addition to harsh temperature and sunlight, chemicals can discolor or damage your beads. But chemicals aren’t just in your cleaning solutions. Avoid directly spraying perfume, or applying lotion or oils on your beads. Such chemicals affect the shine, polish as well as strength of the beads over time.
Use these five tips to ensure your beads are the center of attraction for anyone who wears them. Be it you or your precious clients, if you're a designer. Are you ready to flaunt your GemDuo beads?
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