Save Kolkata Trams

The present rulers of West Bengal are out there to make 'money money money sweeter than honey' and kill the cleanest mode of our 'heritage' public transport from our city . The reasons are many
a) a fleet of brand new buses can be replaced after five years the commission and kickbacks involved is not just a one time phenomenon , but a recurring income earned through maintenance can be ploughed back into the party fund as well as keep some in ones pocket
b) tram cars cannot be easily replaced cause they can run for ages like a dinosaurs all that one has to do is maintain the tracks and the overhead electric wiring so the chances of a regular kickback is hardly there as one doesn't replace the iron wheels like one does with the bus tires ,
c) the volume of land on which all the tram depots stand are big and if sold for real estate reasons can help the 'middlemen' present in the government and those present in the political party can make a killing ! Let us start a signature campaign to have to save this heritage of "Calcutta Tramways" and stop this almost criminal act of killing the cheapest mode of public transport of our city which has been there for 143 years . Hok-Kolorob , Lets Raise Our Voice Against this Criminal Act of Annihilating Tramscars from our beloved city of Kolkata.

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