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Cookie Clicker cheats

Despite being primarily a clicking game, Cookie Clicker has a surprising number of cheats accessible.
Cookie Clicker is a game that requires players to click on cookies. It was developed by French programmer Julien Thiennot back in 2013. In an eternal game cycle, clicking produces cookies that may be exchanged for resources and used to make more cookies.
But the addictive low-effort game has the public's attention to the point where there are already a number of cheats available for people who regrettably do not have time for the cookie grind.
However, keep in mind that the Cookie Clicker hacks are input differently depending on the browser you're using, so regardless of whether you're using Chrome, Safari, or another compatible browser, make sure you follow the right guide.
Let's generate cookies now with a little assistance; find all the Cookie Clicker cheats available here, along with instructions on how to use them, starting with links that take you directly to the relevant guide.
How to use Edge to enter Cookie Clicker cheat codes
To access the Cookie Clicker cheat panel when using the Edge browser, press F12. Simply copy and paste the required code when you see it, being sure to place your preferred number where it belongs. When the code is prepared, press enter to activate the effect.
How to enter cheats for Cookie Clicker in Firefox
On a Windows computer running Firefox, you must press Control, Shift, and K to access the Cookie Clicker cheat console.
Press Control, Option, and K to access the Cookie Clicker cheat console in Firefox on Mac.
In either case, after the panel has opened, all you have to do is input the code into the little text box, along with any additional numbers that are required.
How to access a cookie Google Chrome cheats for Clicker
By hitting Control, Shift, and J when using Google Chrome on a Windows computer, you can access the Cookie Clicker hack menu.
Press Command, Option, and J to open the hacking area in Google Chrome for MacOS.
In all situations, the desired area ought to slide into view, allowing you to enter codes to your heart's content.
How to use cheats for Cookie Clicker in Internet Explorer
By simply pressing F12 on Internet Explorer, you can access the Cookie Clicker hack zone. You simply need to type (or copy and paste) the code there when you see it pop up and then click enter.
How to use Cookie Clicker in Safari to enter cheats
To cheat in Cookie Clicker on Safari, hit Command, Option, and C at the same time. By doing this, you may access the cheating area, where all you have to do is enter a code and hit Enter.
The lengthy list of Cookie Clicker cheats that you could desire applying is the main event, so let's get started. You can see the whole list of Cookie Clicker cheats below.
And here's a pro tip for anyone joining us for the first time: you don't have to use the triangle brackets. Put the number or word you're looking for in that place in its place. When the code is ready, don't forget to hit enter or you won't get the reward.

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